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EP farm ... again and again
Posted by BeigeMidnight
9 September 20th at 8:10 AM
by patient0
Superior Training
Posted by Cassius335
5 September 17th at 9:11 PM
by Vingummi
Mindy the Moocher in events
Posted by Animenut
5 September 16th at 9:43 AM
by Animenut
The Exchange Student - Mission Tags
Posted by LorinBardric
4 September 16th at 7:30 AM
by Raymond Jerome
Sprint's suggestion
Posted by HenryTheHelper
8 September 16th at 3:55 AM
by snow
Add Clans/Guilds
Posted by SirNobi
6 September 15th at 3:32 PM
by HenryTheHelper
IOS version lacking in features
Posted by Codyvans
3 September 14th at 12:36 PM
by Codyvans
New character: Chris The Canary
Posted by Cassius335
1 September 13th at 3:50 AM
by Cassius335
possible revenue source?
Posted by Patient 0 Spoonbender
4 September 11th at 8:34 AM
by FingerDemon
Misspelled word on the 92nd zone of Idols through Time
Posted by tl93
2 August 29th at 10:26 AM
by Erika/Alyniana
New Crusader mission timing
Posted by stebuu
4 August 28th at 5:39 AM
by stebuu
Crusader Tag changes
Posted by chyatt6385
13 August 26th at 11:42 AM
by LorinBardric
Posted by BeigeMidnight
1 August 24th at 7:36 AM
by BeigeMidnight
Change/disregard recipe missions
Posted by Tyrone
2 August 24th at 3:02 AM
by Teschio
New character: Markie Marxist
Posted by SWB
2 August 24th at 3:01 AM
by Teschio
Suggestion: Difficulty Slider
Posted by Jerms
3 August 16th at 9:17 PM
by Jerms
Suggestion: Add Achievements Earned to Play History.
Posted by Cassius335
1 August 16th at 1:35 PM
by Cassius335
Extended Cool-Downs for Rare and Epic Double-Recipe Missions
Posted by Azaryah
6 August 15th at 4:12 PM
by FingerDemon
Shortcut keys to screens
Posted by tl93
3 August 13th at 3:49 AM
by Bazilus
Add "Number of legendaries" to game stats
Posted by Animenut
5 August 7th at 1:03 PM
by Bazilus