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quality of life game improvements for bw2.
Posted by Raymond Jerome
4 March 1st at 9:56 PM
by Raymond Jerome
Another use for Amicus Isle Prize Tokens?
Posted by DocHoneydew
5 February 26th at 10:54 AM
by Nickshire
thanks for the mounts inprovements...
Posted by Raymond Jerome
2 February 22nd at 11:28 AM
by Nickshire
Search function on pets progress
Posted by DestKitteh
5 February 16th at 10:38 AM
by Raymond Jerome
Replant Crops
Posted by AquireWhite
4 February 15th at 7:35 PM
by AquireWhite
Island Token Limits
Posted by Debbie Karubian West
3 February 11th at 11:22 AM
by Debbie Karubian West
Next gen pet idea's
Posted by Russel Denton
2 February 6th at 12:50 PM
by Raymond Jerome
Ability to scroll the view of our ranch in and out
Posted by ArmyMomOkc
2 January 31st at 5:16 AM
by Raymond Jerome
searching pets to release
Posted by Denise C Steil
4 January 28th at 11:48 AM
by Raymond Jerome
Research station upgrade
Posted by Matthew Kliparchuk
1 January 5th at 11:20 PM
by Matthew Kliparchuk
Posted by Kirby Bishop
2 January 4th at 4:07 PM
by Erika/Alyniana
Soundtrack of the game
Posted by Demanx
2 December 19th at 1:40 PM
by AndrewtheSmart
Ditch quests we can't do...
Posted by Kathy Jacobs
7 November 24th at 2:25 AM
by Heather Collings
Ability to change the category of or ditch runes
Posted by Kathy Jacobs
6 November 12th at 10:56 AM
by Kathy Jacobs
Island/Area Ideas
Posted by AndrewtheSmart
8 October 28th at 9:20 AM
by AndrewtheSmart
Event cooldowns
Posted by phagras
1 October 27th at 5:09 AM
by phagras
Amicus isle suggestion, random people stopping in the less ideal points
Posted by Demanx
3 October 15th at 4:06 PM
by Demanx
Friends Displayed on Main Screen
Posted by AquireWhite
3 October 4th at 1:12 PM
by AquireWhite
removing Buddies no longer playing
Posted by Mel Naugler
5 September 30th at 9:10 AM
by Jennifer Sloan Lewis
For Fun Question for the Devs
Posted by Leona Virgo
1 September 17th at 7:15 PM
by Leona Virgo