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Codename Entertainment
What is Bush Whacker 2?
Bush Whacker 2 is a game of Bushes, Swords, Magic, and Hats!. Whack bushes, win prizes, decorate your character and house. Find the Princess and Achieve greatness!
How do I increase my Energy?
Level up!
What are trinkets?
Trinkets improve your stats when you have them equipt to your player
What is Mana?
Mana allows you to cast a Spell Whack. Each Spell Whack costs four(4) Mana and whacks all the bushes in your current field
What is Power?
Power is a force that multiplies the amount of items found while whacking. When you power whack, your win is multiplied by your current amount of power. If you win multiple items in one whack the power is split over each of the wins
Your House
What is your House?
Your house is your home base. Decorate it with all the unique and awesome items you find during your adventure!