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Q&A 30 - June 9th, 2021
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Link to post - Posted June 8th at 9:25 AM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
Greetings Bush Whackers! The next developer forum Q&A begins Wednesday June 9th at 2 PM to 3 PM Pacific (or 9-10 UTC).

Feel free to post your questions in advance if you’re unable to attend, and I’ll try to answer all the questions during the live session.
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Link to post - Posted June 8th at 10:39 AM
Hi, Nick! As I sit here listening to the 17 year cicadas scream at each other, I thought perhaps we could have a mini-event of catching cicadas! Could catch a certain amount as they come out of the ground, emerge white from their shells, collect some of their shells, have them fly around and land on bushes, and collect the little red eyed critters. Then for the prize at the end, earn a cicada pet. This only happens every 17 years, so we should celebrate!
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Link to post - Posted June 8th at 12:18 PM
I would like to know why all the fully grown pets in PAGAS can now only be purchased with gold DNA. I am very upset about this - I was just about to start picking some favorites out now that I'm done growing all my generational eggs. And SURPRISE - all the colored DNA I have is now useless to me. It can only be used for more of what I already have. I am very upset about this and wonder if you were ever going to let us players know about the change, or just sneak it in there like you did. I generally don't attend the Wednesday pm forums as they are not convenient to me, but I will try to attend this one.
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Link to post - Posted June 8th at 3:57 PM
Bobbi Brown
The space whale is cool, but it still only has 15% less nothings. When will we see it at its acquired value?
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Link to post - Posted June 8th at 4:56 PM

Helicopter Mount
Orca/Killer Whale pet or mount
Water Tiles
Mud Tiles
Glass blocks (similar to the wood and brick blocks in the Casino)
New Casino Pets/Mounts
Clint Counterpart as a Traveling Merchant on Amicus Island: This one sells unique Mounts from past special deals.

Coppers of the Creature Collector/Shark Week combination Event: With Whale or Basking Shark Mounts.

Would like to hear your thoughts on these, so maybe I'll see you tomorrow.
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Link to post - Posted June 8th at 7:36 PM
@TheCatWhispurrer... I LOVE the idea of Water and Mud Tiles!

Ok Nick here is my question. How hard would it be to make our Firework display able to be played by other players? And if it could be done in time for this year's event, starting on the 18th? There are other interactive items that players can play, ie... the Clown Golf Piece, the Train Golf Piece, the Slot Machine, the Bacon, etc.
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 12:39 AM
As it might have posted it too late previously and it might have been missed, I'll re-post it ;)

I have more requests/suggestions.

1. Large/small energy packs.
Maybe You could move them to the top or separate place?
If other people are like me, this 2 are the most often used ones and they are at the bottom of the list so we need to click-scroll through all our energy items to get to them... :)


We have, at some point, A LOT of pets that we don't have anything to do with.
There could be a place where we could place certain number of pets (like 3, 5 etc) that would gain xp over time. There could also be a daily mission to give more xp to those pets.

We can release pets for DNA but training them takes time and we can train one at a time while not being able to use our favorite pets. Having something like the above would let us train pets "for rewards" without robbing us of an ability to use for whacking the pet we like :)

Please, consider it!
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 1:23 AM
Russel Denton
i have a few idea's/suggestions

1- a handful of players who were lower levels by the looks and just unlocked commons too, were complaining on chat during the recent butterfly event that it was hard for them to acquire the 200 rare flowers, and yes the answer is up the percentage of quest and less nothings and pets and mounts, but when you are a lower level it is very hard to obtain such things for these types of events, could there be a way to make it easier for lower level players to obtain such things perhaps

2- could we have for the dogs day of summer event..shark fins that float on water just for fun lol

3- for the jr whacker event could we have a questline where they have to do first aid and need to get certain items related to the injury, and the reward could be either a first aid kit pet or something worthy

happy to hear folks thoughts and such

from Russel denton
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 6:15 AM
Bobbi Brown
@Bushmasta, about scrolling to the end of your list, here is a tip I learned: If you press ctrl and shift while clicking the arrow on the screen, you will go right to the end of any scrolling list, energy items, pets, inventory, buddies, etc
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 9:29 AM

I'm sorry I don't understand the mindset of making events that easy. The whole point of progressing through the game is lost if it's that's easy. I started playing about 5 years ago when the Dog Days event was going on. It never occurred to me to complain about not being able to get everything.

I keep seeing requests I see as degrading the challenge of playing & progressing through the game.

I'm all for suggestions that make the game more user friendly (or adds content). I'm not crazy about those that seem to have a goal of making it easier or "fair" for all regardless of their level. If that is done then what is the point of playing at all?

All of what I said isn't about just what you said Russell. I'm venting about a trend I have noticed.

Thanks all 🙂
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Last Edited June 9th at 10:08 AM
Bobbi Brown
@Army, I agree with you. I love that the devs made that some events and minis have additional challenges for players who are more advanced and for those that play more. I don't think that people who come in, blaze through their energy and dailies in 30-60 minutes should be able to complete to the same level as those who put more time, thought and effort into the game.
I do not expect to reap the same benefits on my alt accounts as on my main account, since I spend much less time playing alt accounts.
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 12:23 PM
There are 2 gifts in Sasha's store that you can send to a friend, that I would like some clarification about, please.

1) Queen Victoria Drink - Restores 250% energy (Cost= x1 Queen Victoria coin)
I can't find much info on this, except for a Victoria Day event in 2015 (we were
rewarded a small Victoria Drink 100% energy).

There is no info on how to acquire the coin or coins needed to buy the drink in
the store. Are we going to be able to purchase this in the future? Or has this
drink been forgotten about, and just taking up space?

2) Can anyone explain how to purchase the Care Package is in Sasha's store?
It contains random energy, mana, power, and a random special item.
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 12:40 PM
Last Edited June 9th at 12:41 PM
@TheCatWhispurrer ...

Agree that it would be great to have water tiles. I've asked for that too in the past. For now I'm using blue carpet tiles on my island for ponds and swimming pools. They look great, but water tiles would look even better.

Nick, I would also like to request brick walkways and flagstone (similar to the lava rock floor but different color), if possible. And maybe a rock wall. We could really get creative.
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 1:09 PM
Last Edited June 9th at 1:10 PM
i also love the idea about water and mud tiles, i would also love waterlily tiles to go with the water tiles, got to have some flowers out on the water of pond and stream I'd love to make on my island.

OK, about the butterfly mini event, yes it is unfair to lower level especially the under level 50 crowd. also the comment about people blowing through their energy in 30 to 60, i feel is also unfair. i remember I'd be lucky to get my energy to last 30 minutes when i was that low. i do not have multiple accounts, doubt i ever will, one is enough., but realistically should not someone who is still fairly new to the game have a shot to get at least the easiest butterfly and not be dismissed by people who think that the lower levels are not putting enough time, thought, or effort that the higher levels think the newbies should be expending.

It is possible for both to be true, that both low levels and higher level players have rewards for their efforts based on their ability to play within the limitations of the game gives us? Truthfully I'd say that the higher levels have it too easy in the butterfly event for the most part.

Still, to me the biggest challenge for the event is the very tight time schedule. the only way you have a chance of getting all the quests done is to be there at the opening gun and have absolutely no life in the real world until the butterfly event is over. someone mentioned that the drop rate was too slow for the rare flowers, and yes that having a higher rate would balance it out against that tight schedule much better, it would at least give me a chance to get a nap in here and there, maybe even a shower opportunity.
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 1:37 PM
Bobbi Brown
@forg, no one was left out of the butterfly event. Even very new players were able to do 3 butterfly daily quests (with high drop rates) and choose from amongst 3 pets. Yes, the flowers were difficult to get, but no one needed to get 200 of them on their first try. It gives a goal for next time.

Since we moved to CNE it has become much easier to get friends and receive 25 blue epacks per day. That should have allowed most people to play long enough to get enough of the event completed. No one was able to get all 5 butterflies, so there is no real disadvantage.

Players who could not start the event at the outset were still able to complete all the quests as they are set up to begin on subsequent days and run immediately following one another on the latter days. I think you go a tad too far to suggest that anyone who completes this event must be sleep- and shower-deprived.

Frankly, I am really tired of players who complain that they cannot complete events when they cannot or will not put in the time or effort. Shouldn't people who play more get more? That's how it works irl. I would not expect an A in a course if I missed half the classes and neglected to do my assignments.
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 2:17 PM
Someone said that they work 3 12 hour shifts over the weekend. Adding one more day would be helpful. Most mini-events go through Tuesday, not Monday.
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 2:21 PM
Bobbi Brown
It would be good for that reason, Groot
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 2:22 PM
Um.... where's Nick? It is 21 after the hour/
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 2:24 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
Hi folks! Sorry for the late start. Our company quarterly meeting ran late.

Let the Q&A begin!

I'll be checking this forum thread regularly for questions throughout the next hour.
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 2:25 PM
Hi Nick, was hoping you were ok. Glad to see you!