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Q&A 30 - June 9th, 2021
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 3:31 PM
Interesting, because I've had several other people tell me they were upset about the DNA thing too. Wish I had taken pics of some of them.
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Nickshire (CNE Dev)
WhackedCrafter wrote:

@Nick.. just don't understand why it wasn't that way in the 1st place when the fireworks display was developed. Because it kinda loses it "fun" when others can't activate it.

The ranch Firework Launcher was added before my time on the project! If I had to guess, maybe visitor ranch items weren't a thing when it was added. Was just cool to have! Plus the Amicus launcher was probably the focus.
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 3:34 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
WhackedCrafter wrote:

I know you have been busy... just being stuck in my chair, recovering, I get bored and get my dailies done in 20 minutes. I was looking forward to making the Maze I designed. I will just continue to crochet and work on the coloring page. It won't be mysterious style though, just normal. Don't feel like doing it.

No worries! I get it. Will miss this weeks mystery style, but look forward to what every you colour up.
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 3:34 PM
ah... I forget you haven't been here that long. My bad.
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 3:35 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
ahhmericanwoman wrote:

The mention of "Dog Days" just reminded me - a couple years ago we had a cat sale I think just before or after the event. Loved it cuz I am a cat person. Would love to have a cat sale again!

The cat and dog sales were fun! It's neat to look over the pets we've done over the years and see what big groupings/trends we can pick out. We'll consider doing another cat sale!
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 3:37 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
Okay folks, this is all I have time for, thus concluding this week's forum Q&A! Thank you for the questions, feedback, and discussion! I hope those quietly reading this afterwards find it informative.

If I missed your question, feel free to submit it in a ticket, via email at, elsewhere on the forums, during this Friday's livestream, or in next weeks forum q&a! I'll get to it eventually.

Hope to see you in the livestream this Friday at 3:30 PM Pacific on! Ta ta for now!
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 3:46 PM
I found my ticket to Nick about the mini golf pc problem on my ranch:

I have my Clown golf piece on my ranch, and I am able to get daily mana/power bonus from it. However, when other players visit my ranch, and play the clown hole, they are not able to get the daily bonus, even if they are due for it. My question is, can they only get the bonus if it is placed on my golf course, or does this need to be fixed?

2019-04-09 Bush Whacker 2 Support wrote...
Hi Flybaby,

Looking at the code, the Clown piece and other reward yielding mini golf pieces only yield rewards for visitors if it's on the mini golf zone. So this is intentional.

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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 3:56 PM
i wish to announce... i have 400/400 pets and from now on i own Nick... sorry, i have a Nick pet of my own... :D bless you nick :))
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 4:17 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
Wow! Grats 1didisafe! Incredible work :D Treat me nice, alright?
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Link to post - Posted June 9th at 4:18 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
@all Your Space Whale bonuses have been fixed! Sorry about that.
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Link to post - Posted June 11th at 3:58 PM
Uh, just for the record, Nick; that was a Whale Shark Mount or Pet along with the other aforementioned Sharks, suggested; NOT a Whale Mount or Pet. Sorry for the confusion.
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