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Link to post - Posted February 2nd at 10:14 AM
I too miss the discount. I do like some of the new features but wish I had waited to move until after the next event. I am more hesitant to buy items now because of losing the discount.

I wish the VIP program provided a discount. The 30% I used to get through BFG might be too much but a 10% would be nice. Other than the buffs there isn't much more of an advantage to the VIP program. I have maxed it out so I don't have a purchase level as an incentive to spend more. Maybe instead of a discount they could add tiers to the program. (going to put this in feature request section of forum)
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Link to post - Posted February 2nd at 8:54 PM
Thanks, clm. I think I'll wait until after the Valentine's event to transfer so I can still get the discount during that. The VIP program does provide the extra "goodies" during purchases (vouchers, tokens). I use my tokens to play the wheel and have gotten a lot of gems from that. I use the vouchers for the buffs, and the Bush Bucks when you level up are fantastic. If I had maxed that out, I would be like you, ArmyMomOkc...not sure if I'd continue. This is the one FTP game I play on any platform, 'cause it's FUN and you can easily advance without having to spend a ton of money (or any at all). I buy stuff as I can afford to support a GREAT GAME. I tried some others, and they all had this side stuff of "assembling" tools or whatever, and after a while I'd have forgotten the main quest, because I wasn't getting anywhere near it, anyway.
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