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I am so upset by this transfer from BF to CNE. I realize that there were groups of players on FB and BF but to change all of the things that we were doing on BF to the friends dependent FB is crap. There seem to be PLENTY of people who do not want to have to engage in chat and "help requests" to play this game. I just encountered a block in the game that I cannot pass unless I have friends to help me. I don't want to prove how many nameless people I have connected with to be able to advance in this game. I have been playing for way too long and now I can't go any further because we are back to the beginning of the FB era where we are playing how many friends do you have. Just friend anyone so you can get your numbers up. This is apparently the end
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This was posted by my friend Cybersix, before she donated her account to me, the Viking... : HI That girl, I just posted a new thread called "unplayable" for that exact reason and some codegame-fan berated me for being upset at the FB friend-nonsense because everybody at FB had to play this game with friends and only us BFG customers had the privilege of playing like adults. If you have a company that wants to migrate customers... wouldn't it at least be sensible to ask if the player wants to play solo (as he was used to) or participate in the friend system? It's completely normal to be upset about loosing all the features that made the game enjoyable and frustrated to learn that it most likely will have to be abandoned due to having become unplayable. I'm with you on this. Asking strangers or "friends" to remove obstacles in a game is childish and pointless... and possibly a dealbreaker (if it doesn't get fixed).
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Justin Stocks (CNE Dev)
Hi folks,

I posted this in Cyber's other thread but I wanted to post it here to for posterity:

We understand that some of these changes will be quite jarring, but we believe that the version of the game on the Codename Games site contains the most fun and interesting aspects, including some important pieces that were missing from BigFish (such as the ability to get trinket crafting materials). We think if you give the new features a shot, you'll find they aren't intrusive or limiting, but rather give you more options for play and more ways to interact with the people you're playing with.

As always we'll be paying attention to feedback from you folks and making changes if we feel they're necessary. We can tell you are passionate and we want to deliver you a game that you'll continue to be passionate about.
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I don't know if you got the answer but players have been sharing their profile link in chat (it is shown to you in your CNE account information). Mine is

There are many players that have moved that I know so I have about 50 "friends" so far. If you copy my link into a blank tab you will see the option to send me a friend request. Then..after you send a request and it's accepted you have to add that person in the game as a friend/buddy.
Hope this helps :)
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This was posted by my friend Cybersix, before she donated her account to me, the Viking... : As Justin posted his reply to me in both threads, I will do the same:
Dear Justin, thanks for your reply.
Sadly, I will never, ever, interact with other players to beg them for help. Sorry. This is childish needy behavior present only in social media. No normal functioning human being acts like that in real life. The need to complete a grid with 9+ "friends" is very intrusive and unbelievably limiting and if this is what it takes to get over a simple silly obstacle in the game, that game becomes unplayable and to my intense frustration will become impossible to proceed. I absolutely do not care for trinket crafting materials, but I miss the energy packs (the loss of which I could eventually accept were it not for the "social" aspect of the game that is being forced upon BFG players who, I repeat, do not play games to socialize.) I am very sorry that the response to these problems was simply "give it a shot". This means nothing will be done to improve the playability of the game and people like me will just fall to the wayside. Wow, am I sorry I wasted so much time and money to have the experience end like this. I wish I could have at least finished the game.
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you know, the game is run by a business that has employees to pay and a building to heat and cool and pay rent on and server costs and domain name costs and so on.
there are people who buy bb's to spend on roadblocks or pets or to autocomplete puzzles or for energy or other game things. and the devs, being the nice guys that they are, give free bb's every 7 days loyalty, and every 5 level ups, and randomly in daily quest satchels and even in the amicus casino.
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Add me to the list of players who do not want to play with a bunch of strangers and pretend they are my friends. I hope it isn't going to be mandatory to have "friends" in order to play the game. And I sure would like my small energy packs back!
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Whilst it's obvious you might believe these offer the most fun and interesting aspects, it's also pretty obvious from the reactions you've received that this belief is not shared by a vocal number of the soon-to-be-ex BFG players.

Now before anyone jumps down my throat with false equivalencies, I am going to transition over and 'give it a shot' however those things you have highlighted as missing and important, actually aren't to my mind-set, MOST especially the 'interaction with people you are playing with'. That is the whole point of contention here, the BW2 that BFG players were used to is a solo game, and a player can proceed and play to match their own style. Being forced to make 'friends' in order to proceed is not an advantage it's a limitation. It also appears to require a higher time commitment to the game, which is somewhat problematic as well.

I understand from the developers point of view having to code two different versions to take into account the BFG platform was/is more work and you'd rather not continue doing it, but please don't assume that just because you like a particular play-style that everyone else agrees with you. This is clearly demonstrated as you have players who have played this game for years on the BFG portal and never looked to playing the game via FB or other 'friend' system platforms which shows they prefer the solo style.

On a side note: I'm really grateful to ArmyMom for being a bit of a guinea pig and testing this out for those of us who have not migrated yet so we know to a certain extent what we are in for, and when I do move over, I'm going to be looking for that friend link with you, I hope you still have room on your flist :).

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Barbara Tompkins
''''''MY THOUGHTS'''''
All I will say is.. I LOVE 💓 BW2 on FB.....and there is nothing ''childish'' about it at all..IT is ''HOW'' the game works and plays on FB. I find BW2 very challenging, fun(tons of funny dialogue in content etc ) and a thinking game,, to say the least.
I have good friends(205 & counting)with no issues with getting help when needed.
Chat off or in chat well it is your choice).
Love creating powerful runes for my sword.
LOVE the M button,, yes I do...hahaha
Every 7 odd days we get 4 BB's..from the dev's. I even get BB's in satchels & Misty and a AI quest hand in.. 💓
I am a VIP member and well the buffs are fricking awesome (^_^).
I love changes SO I would give it A BIG GOOO..
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This was posted by my friend Cybersix, before she donated her account to me, the Viking... : Thanks to Anubischick who had the best take on the situation: " please don't assume that just because you like a particular play-style that everyone else agrees with you. This is clearly demonstrated as you have players who have played this game for years on the BFG portal and never looked to playing the game via FB or other 'friend' system platforms which shows they prefer the solo style."
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your clarity.
not Raymont, as I said in the other thread: I´ll let you "win" this. Won´t argue anymore.
Barbara, I never said the game was childish. What is childish is the social aspect of the game... "please help me, send me packs, send me gifts, help me whack". this is not acceptable adult behavior and I have unfriended many people for such things on FB. Adults, especially in this connected world, cannot have their public profiles tainted with this kind of thing as it can and will lead to employment difficulties and career damage. I understand that inside BW2 we all use nicknames... but this does not invalidate the fact that such needy juvenile behavior is deplorable.
That being said, I now understand that CE is catering to the majority of their users and I am in the minority, which is fine by me but did cost me the game and the hours and money already put in. But maybe it´s for the best. I have a novel and a series to finish and sure can use the freed-up time. So, I guess instead of complaining I should rather be thanking you for giving me back at least 8 hours a week from this day forward. That sure beats the hell out of 5 small energy packs. : )
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Link to post - Posted January 22nd at 7:01 PM
I had played BW2 on BFG for approximately 6 years, and if the way I was playing it was the wrong way, I don't want to do it right. It's obnoxious that every time I play I have to look at a row of gray question marks reminding me that my little Bush Whacker has no friends.

I haven't been this annoyed with CE since the time they added a twitchy timing challenge as a test in the Explorers' Zone to what had been up to that point an easygoing game with occasional brain puzzles.

I am clearly not a member of the target audience for this game.
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I don't often post on here because I, too, get too much human interaction on the daily and only play games that don't require it. I want to throw my two cents in, partly to let the devs know that yet another (maxed-out, in the flux, spends about $200 per month on the game, paid BBs to craft all the trinkets already, has bought every purchasable pet and mount) player is unhappy with not being able to go solo.

It *is* an expensive hobby, and I'm not sure that I'll continue, although I'll definitely be transferring my game and giving it a fair try.

I agree with others that, for the time being, the "benefits" don't really seem like positive aspects. The big one being touted seems to be that we can get trinket crafting materials... but I already have every trinket available, and so the benefit will only come to me at the new updates (that's still nice, but not enough to make me want to stay as of yet). Extra energy will certainly be nice, but I felt that 5 packs was usually sufficient to make it through my daily whacking, and whenever I needed more, I got out my wallet and bought some BBs to keep going.

While I truly believe in giving this a chance (what other choice do we have?), I know that I've stopped playing 2 separate games before, in which I was just as invested, because they either implemented a friends system or made gameplay more heavily dependent on it. Although I can't know for sure, it feels like Codename would like to eventually regroup everyone onto their site for ease of use and ease of management, creation, and maintenance of the game, and I don't blame them for that.

Once I've transferred over (going to wait until I'm sure that there are no bugs, and also to get my BFG discount on Valentine's Day pets/mounts), I'd be happy to "befriend" anyone who doesn't want social interaction but needs friends to unblock parts of the game, etc. I'll post my friendlink here at that time, if I continue, so that we can try to keep playing the game we love so dearly.

I still want to, as always, thank the devs for trying to make the game fun, for creating such an awesome game, and for listening to us whenever that's possible and reasonable. I'm sure that it hurts their hearts to see so many of us unhappy and frustrated, too. BW is their creation after all, and they surely love to see it thrive and love to see us all happy.
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Thanks Cyber62.0, I'm glad that helped.

Barbara, with the exception of the M button and the friends, all of that is available on the BFG portal. We can craft runes and get BB's every 7 days of login, can access VIP options, and there is a chat room for anyone that wants it. So there isn't much that is different other than the one thing that the BFG portal gave us, the ability to play solo.

Though I am interested, what is the M button?

KimichiGoddess I'll happily add you once I move over, like you the social aspect is obviously not a driving force.
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Matthew Kliparchuk
Botom line is BW2 in FB always been a social game but u know what u can limit what u see from random people you add for the game alone you can unfolow every single person so u dont see 100s of posts honestly ive rarely spent any real money on BW2.
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Mat, the crossover from BFG is not to facebook, which i too also thought, it is directly to a new cne site for the game. new login. not a social platform exactly but has friending or buddying. i do not see any reason any of them are complaining about the social aspect as there is absolutely nothing other then asking for energy, roadblocks, event helps, trinket materials... and no real things that us fb people have to or do not really have to worry about (it is not a social platform)...

the site as of now is only from those people coming over from bfg. but i imagine if other platforms go away, even facebook, they too will use that site. i do wonder if it is flash based.
if you go to
you get to a login screen or login creation screen. do not try to create an account, it is not for any of us fb players, i am waiting for a ticket answer to know if there is any benefit for us to create a login there now (not same as fb login, and not same as forum login), THIS IS NOT same as account linking as in cerusaders
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Wolf Felis
This is for those from FB that think our platform was similar to your's you are mistaken. Big Fish Games was set up without the friends feature. I have played for six years without that feature. Personally, I don't like it and it doesn't enhance my game. If I wanted trinkets I had to use BBs (bush bucks) to get them. I loved the solo aspect of the game. I didn't have to beg for help or talk if I didn't want to in the chatbox we had. There was no competition, a relaxed atmosphere, and I could advance at my pace without waiting on others. Then this change shows up I start having panic attacks worrying about what this change meant to me on a personal level. The only reason I moved was so I wouldn't lose everything I invested in my game. Will I stay is still undetermined at this time. I have a lot to think about.
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Hi all I have moved from bfg also and the friend and buddy aspect is unclear as to why you need both. I have asked and it was said they are the same thing which is weird and time wasting.. Why does it need two things that do the same thing. Also their have been no devs their and the onus is on the players to explain what is going on huh what a joke even they are learning.Only one AI i don't know why that is ridiculous especially when i went to the casino it was a nightmare and had to go back to gamble. Friends what happens when you don't want to ask in chat for a path clear you have to wait until a response from your "friends' is accepted what a pain. Also nothing about sales or how the money side works just says go to paypal wht if you don't have a paypal account you will have to wait days for that to be set up and it is not cheap at all so i will be getting nothing from now on if their is no discount. i have played for yrs at bfg and loved it and will miss the "YOU don't have to interact or chat "aspect of the game that was the beauty of it now they will know your on and you don't really want to chat to them. Hasta La vista bfg I will miss you you were great :) Also Armymom your right the friends bar should be able to be locked if we don't want to see it..
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The platform on Big Fish Games was uniquely different and it attracted those of us who prefer that style of play. Moving established players to a friends based system is causing culture shock. Some of us are adjusting better than others and that is to be expected - in my opinion. This is a drastic change for us.

I know those of you who have always played this game on other platforms don't understand what the whole uproar is about. I know some of you are compassionately trying to help.

I'd just like to see everyone give everyone a break. Allow the people who need to vent to vent. Try to imagine a situation in your life where you found yourself completely out of your element and comfort zone and surrounded by people and things you were not used to.

This reminds me of when I moved from Baltimore, Maryland to a small town in West Virginia. I remember going to the hardware store after work to pick up a part for our toilet that stopped working and the store closed at 4pm and there were no Walmarts then. Stores were closed on Sundays back then too. I had to re-learn my normal life routines because I found myself in an environment completely opposite to what I had lived my whole life until that point.

Try to visualize having to relearn how you play this game. As much as we all love this game! That is what we are dealing with.

Personally.. I had a few days to get used to a few things with other Council members.. I'm glad I did.. because I was frustrated for my first few days. There were things that upset me greatly. That is all dealt with and I'm now enjoying this platform and having fun. I hope the rest of my friends from Big Fish Games will come to find it as fun as I do after a few days to let it all sink in.