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Sticky: Codename Entertainment Conduct Guidelines
Posted by Erika/Alyniana
1 July 23rd 2015 at 10:24 AM
by Erika/Alyniana
Stats: highest crusader(s) bonus
Posted by patient0
1 Yesterday at 10:40 AM
by patient0
Achieving achievable achievements
Posted by Animenut
2 Wednesday at 1:52 AM
by Teschio
A Controversial Crusader
Posted by Tola
1 Monday at 7:59 AM
by Tola
silver chests
Posted by NeonAnubis
17 March 10th at 10:21 AM
by Animenut
event start alert
Posted by patient0
1 March 7th at 1:32 PM
by patient0
you know, it is kind of important
Posted by not Raymond
3 February 19th at 2:05 PM
by Erika/Alyniana
The next speed crusader
Posted by Teschio
5 February 17th at 3:51 AM
by Teschio
Greed is good, patience is better
Posted by Animenut
2 February 12th at 9:45 AM
by NeonAnubis
Favoritism isn't always bad
Posted by Animenut
5 January 18th at 2:42 PM
by Animenut
DisEnchant All Button? yeah i want one!
Posted by taiboxa
2 January 15th at 7:10 PM
by Animenut
Lacking Legendary Liquidation
Posted by Animenut
4 January 10th at 9:44 PM
by Azaryah
Spending Idols after Reset - Before starting a new mission
Posted by Aixtek
4 December 30th at 3:13 PM
by Animenut
[Feeback] Minor issues that caught my attention
Posted by Tarnfara
1 December 11th at 2:50 PM
by Tarnfara
A cleaning more efficient char page
Posted by ganfall
1 December 3rd at 12:31 AM
by ganfall
TaskMaster Placement and Area Scrolling Improvements
Posted by taiboxa
2 December 1st at 1:24 PM
by Animenut
change difficulty of objective "Accio Difficulty"
Posted by apheion101
8 November 15th at 2:14 AM
by Vingummi
Level'd Legend Identification
Posted by taiboxa
2 November 8th at 5:03 PM
by Animenut
Posted by taiboxa
3 November 8th at 3:41 PM
by taiboxa
Visual To Show Levels On Legendary Gear
Posted by TSONE
6 October 31st at 5:38 PM
by Animenut