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Sticky: Codename Entertainment Conduct Guidelines
Posted by Erika/Alyniana
1 July 23rd 2015 at 10:24 AM
by Erika/Alyniana
Saving Taskmasters Optional
Posted by Iluvtrolls
1 Friday at 9:13 AM
by Iluvtrolls
Remove Idol Bonus and gimp idol investments in Dungeons...
Posted by MisterC8
2 Thursday at 11:05 PM
by umdos
Talent to boost Gold for Challenge runs
Posted by tl93
1 July 25th at 2:28 PM
by tl93
Add a second statistics window (or as a tab)
Posted by tl93
1 July 18th at 2:11 PM
by tl93
Player-option to change to Silver Chest opening behavior
Posted by tl93
1 July 18th at 1:59 PM
by tl93
Speed crusader tag?
Posted by tl93
1 July 14th at 7:39 PM
by tl93
Display current effects of Vampiric Germ and the Mimicked form
Posted by tl93
1 July 12th at 1:38 PM
by tl93
Color-code Dungeon bonus effects in Campaign Objective selection dialog box
Posted by tl93
2 July 12th at 1:14 PM
by tl93
Add a button on Campaign Selection dialog box to spend 50 coins to unlock a run
Posted by tl93
1 July 10th at 6:15 PM
by tl93
extra crusaders sent on missions?
Posted by Alex Winfrey
1 July 5th at 5:30 AM
by Alex Winfrey
Buy max option
Posted by Vernon McFadden
1 June 12th at 1:14 PM
by Vernon McFadden
Keyboard Level toggle button
Posted by Vernon McFadden
2 June 11th at 11:24 PM
by Teschio
Kris, the Enraged Elemental Winter Vigil
Posted by Madness3459
4 May 19th at 12:37 PM
by Madness3459
Mindy copy disabled abilities
Posted by aaa
1 April 16th at 1:02 AM
by aaa
No max level talents put in place
Posted by Drac
1 March 24th at 3:31 AM
by Drac
Number of crusaders in each seat
Posted by ikini
3 March 17th at 2:23 PM
by ikini
Character leveling
Posted by Cecil Lokison
8 March 17th at 2:58 AM
by Cecil Lokison
Scrapped content or ruled out ideas in CoTLI...
Posted by MisterC8
1 February 8th at 4:21 AM
by MisterC8
Option to mute music/sound effects when game is not the focus
Posted by MDP423
7 February 2nd at 11:50 PM
by MDP423