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Launcher Resolution

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Link to post - Posted December 20th at 6:41 AM

Could we have the launcher remembering the resolution setting rather than it going back to 1, I have a large screen and 1.5 works better for me or can we have it where we can drag to change size - similar to how BW2's launcher works.


Lady Asprin

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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 1:59 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
Hi LadyAsprin,

We've tried to have the launcher remember the resolution, but it prevents players from loading the game.

We also can't allow players to drag the edges of the game, as the game is based on being the size it is in 1x mode.


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Link to post - Posted January 4th at 2:47 PM
Hi Erika,

I can see that it might be complicated to change this, it's just so annoying especially on large and high res monitors it loads soo tiny.

I do change it to the correct zoom once I have loaded and I don't close it often, at least not at the moment as I am using my pc not my laptop (we have just entered a new lockdown so I won't be needing to log on elsewhere for quite a while)

Thanks for the answer, I hope you can find a way to enable it to remember its scale and play the game - in the future of course.

Lady Asprin
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