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Really Rethinking Revamping Runic Redistribution Retroactively

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Link to post - Posted October 29th at 11:42 AM
1) 1-click merging. Pretty self-explanatory.

2) Runic transmogrification. One of the big strengths of crafting materials is that all the materials serve the same purpose. With runes, however, it is incredibly easy to get a bunch of runes of the wrong type and have no real use for them. Maybe a system that turns 5 of one rune into 3 of another type?

3) Ability-type searching. We have the option to narrow the list down to all crusaders, crusaders with runes, and in-formation crusaders, but just about EVERY crusader has an ability worth equipping. The only way to find them is by going into "all" and manually searching each crusader individually. Extra sorting options would be nice, to narrow the list down to things like "with global DPS buffs" and "with mission-reduction buffs".

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Link to post - Posted November 27th at 2:58 AM
I agree with Animenut that 1-click merging (or auto-rune merging, or at least not requiring confirmation for merging) is mandatory!
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