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Live stream alert! Watch Bush Whacker Weekly's 45th episode this Tuesday @ 3:30!
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Nickshire (CNE Dev)

The next livestream starts this Tuesday, April 19th at 3:30 PM on the CNE Games Twitch streaming channel!! Tune in to claim your coupon code for a Quester's Satchel, get updates on the game, watch the featured segment, and chat with the devs!

Featured Segment: Ranch Tour!

This week's stream will continue the Ranch Tour! In this segment, I'll be visiting the ranches (and islands) of volunteers, walking around, and making comments about the decor with the chat. I'm excited to see all your creations!

If I don't make it through all the ranches this stream, I'll save them for the next Ranch Tour.

Volunteers Wanted! If you want to volunteer for this or a future tour, let me know on this forum thread, via a support ticket, or email at

And don't forget to add me as a friend on Codename Games! Here's my friend link:

Once we're Codename Games friends, I'll send you a BW2 friend invite (You may have to make room if you already have 250 BW2 friends).

Colouring Sheet Submissions

We're still accepting Baby Kirin colouring sheet submissions! If you haven't submitted yours, it's not too late! Colour and submit your Baby Kirin colouring sheets today, or for a future showcase! Download the Colouring Sheet and email it to!

If you aren't able to finish the colouring sheet in time, you're welcome to submit it later and we'll still showcase it in a future stream. This goes for earlier colouring sheets too!

Videos On Demand

Missed an episode? Here's a link to the VODs on Twitch, where you can watch past episodes you may have missed! Episodes will exist as Twitch VODs for 60 days after broadcast.

What's the deal with these lives streams? Read more on this forum post.
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