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Live stream alert! Watch the 35th Bush Whacker Weekly with Nick! Tuesday @ 3:30!
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Nickshire (CNE Dev)

The next livestream starts this Tuesday, January 11th at 3:30 PM on the CNE Games Twitch streaming channel!! Tune in to claim your coupon code for a Quester's Satchel, get updates on the game, watch Georgia draw, and chat with the devs!

Please submit your Snow Cat and/or Muted Comic colouring sheets for the stream's showcase! Colour the Colouring Sheet and email it to!

Snow Cat ^

Muted Comic ^

If you aren't able to finish the colouring sheet in time, you're welcome to submit it later and we'll still showcase it in the following stream. This goes for earlier colouring sheets too!

What's the deal with these lives streams? Read more on this forum post.
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