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New player needing friends.
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Link to post - Posted February 17th at 1:32 AM
Toni Lahti
just started this game, I am playing also COTLI and IC on Steam, and now I need some friends.
Please add me :)
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Link to post - Posted February 19th at 1:54 PM
Can you add me? I'm not sure how.
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Link to post - Posted February 19th at 7:56 PM
jennijaycee: The sticky thread at the top of this subforum has a link to a great guide on the matter:

I recommend reading it, but here are the most important paragraphs:

" In order to protect players' privacy and discourage mass adding from other players you don't know, you need to share your Friends Link in order to get friends. You can find your Friends Link on your "My Account" page of the CNE Games site.

Once you load your Account page you can find your Friends Link. Share it with people you want to become friends with and they can visit the page to add you as a friend. You will then get a notification that they want to be friends and you'll be able to accept the request on your Account page. Once you are friends on the CNE Games site, you can start to send them requests in-game, as long as they've given Bush Whacker 2 permission to access their friends list. "
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