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Sticky: Step by Step Guide: How to Add FRIENDS on CNE
Posted by Flybaby
2 July 31st 2020 at 5:50 AM
by Flybaby
You ain't never had a friend like me...
Posted by LiamTickler
2 Thursday at 6:04 AM
by irishpat04
Need friends
Posted by Lyrun
2 February 15th at 5:26 AM
by irishpat04
Need friends
Posted by Crystaldream
1 February 5th at 3:41 AM
by Crystaldream
Hello There
Posted by purplecow
1 February 4th at 4:19 AM
by purplecow
Always late to the party...
Posted by Quip
1 January 26th at 2:59 PM
by Quip
Returning Player
Posted by Sunrunner
1 January 6th at 11:41 AM
by Sunrunner
Daily player looking for friends
Posted by joebiden
1 November 16th at 9:57 PM
by joebiden
Played this when it came out - Back for more!
Posted by ConradCoggs
1 November 10th at 6:10 AM
by ConradCoggs
Looking for friend
Posted by Darkness1356
3 October 31st at 6:23 AM
by Grewen
Posted by Lystronus
3 October 31st at 6:22 AM
by Grewen
Daily Player Seeking Friends
Posted by Suzaku
3 October 25th at 7:20 PM
by anklestereotype
Looking for friends
Posted by auryunderground
2 October 25th at 7:19 PM
by anklestereotype
Need friends
Posted by anklestereotype
1 October 25th at 7:06 PM
by anklestereotype
Daily Player, Add Me
Posted by ScarheartTG
1 September 26th at 12:17 AM
by ScarheartTG
Add me! :D
Posted by herooverlord
1 September 11th at 5:50 AM
by herooverlord
Add me!
Posted by Vanego154
1 September 7th at 3:54 PM
by Vanego154
Add me
Posted by fordyford
1 August 24th at 5:20 AM
by fordyford
Daily player! Please add me :)
Posted by JKNAI91
1 August 22nd at 11:30 PM
by JKNAI91
Hello players.
Posted by Whacker
1 August 18th at 2:57 AM
by Whacker