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need Friends please add me to bushwhacker 1 and 2 i play both games active
Posted by Mirella Brown
3 Wednesday at 4:56 PM
by Horsedancer1
friends, i'm 440 and play every day, twice a day
Posted by Hammula
6 Wednesday at 7:02 AM
by Mirella Brown
Need lots of friends plz add me ty
Posted by Angela Williamson
1 May 15th at 5:01 AM
by Angela Williamson
FRIENDS WANTED - Level 305 Daily Player
Posted by shianeko
4 May 12th at 1:33 PM
by irishpat04
New player-need firends!
Posted by singetail246
5 May 11th at 7:55 PM
by Anubischick
Can someone help out my friend to add to her buddy list
Posted by Melissa Thacker
1 May 2nd at 9:34 AM
by Melissa Thacker
Still can not add to buddy list
Posted by Melissa Thacker
3 May 1st at 12:59 PM
by Michael Inaba
Add Me Please
Posted by AlexTheOreo
6 April 28th at 11:51 AM
by Kieryn
Add me please
Posted by Silver Wolf
3 April 28th at 11:50 AM
by Kieryn
Desperately Seeking Friends
Posted by Kieryn
3 April 27th at 10:10 AM
by Kieryn
add me
Posted by Dimdalax
8 April 27th at 8:47 AM
by MamaMouseA
Game reset to new CNE platform too many Facebook friends to add more. Please add
Posted by Sharon Weeks-Akins
5 April 27th at 8:47 AM
by MamaMouseA
Just startet playing again :) Need some friends :)
Posted by Mairim
3 April 27th at 8:42 AM
by MamaMouseA
Need Friends - Returning Player
Posted by MamaMouseA
1 April 27th at 8:42 AM
by MamaMouseA
Daily player from BigFishGames looking for friends
Posted by AnimateThought
10 April 26th at 10:35 PM
by kiki_ar
lvl 302 -This game requires friends, I have one-need more plz.
Posted by Mysticmcknight
7 April 25th at 3:01 PM
by Kieryn
Level 440 - Looking for Friends
Posted by Rachel
7 April 25th at 2:56 PM
by Kieryn
please add me
Posted by Kelly Dockery
5 April 25th at 2:54 PM
by Kieryn
Please add me (Page 1 2)
Posted by kiki_ar
21 April 25th at 10:57 AM
by Horsedancer1
Need friends. Max level player
Posted by Libby Van de Putte
2 April 23rd at 9:47 AM
by Libby Van de Putte