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Daily player from BigFishGames looking for friends
Posted by AnimateThought
1 Yesterday at 11:12 PM
by AnimateThought
Need More BW2 Friends on Facebook.
Posted by Susan Groth
3 Thursday at 9:56 PM
by Horsedancer1
Friends from Big Fish Games platform?
Posted by Horsedancer1
2 Thursday at 11:59 AM
by Horsedancer1
Please add me
Posted by Racho2n
1 Tuesday at 6:09 AM
by Racho2n
Level 440 - Looking for Friends
Posted by Rachel
4 March 12th at 6:21 PM
by Flybaby
Need FB daily players - max daily player here
Posted by Deborah Bivens
2 March 11th at 7:54 PM
by Deborah Bivens
need friends please - daily player
Posted by nikki529
4 March 11th at 6:10 PM
by Deborah Bivens
Game reset to new CNE platform too many Facebook friends to add more. Please add
Posted by Sharon Weeks-Akins
1 March 9th at 7:14 PM
by Sharon Weeks-Akins
New Player Add Me Please
Posted by Sharon Weeks-Akins
2 March 9th at 4:51 PM
by Sharon Weeks-Akins
lvl 302 -This game requires friends, I have one-need more plz.
Posted by Mysticmcknight
4 March 6th at 8:12 PM
by Mysticmcknight
Need friends please! Level 434! I play daily!
Posted by lisamay990
4 March 5th at 4:51 AM
by Flybaby
Add Me - Level 438
Posted by BrianneP
1 February 28th at 2:02 PM
by BrianneP
Friends, please, thank you.
Posted by mogwai82
1 February 27th at 9:09 PM
by mogwai82
Need friends
Posted by jojojill
1 February 27th at 10:08 AM
by jojojill
Level 440 former BFG player looking for friends
Posted by niqaeli
17 February 24th at 7:11 AM
by Fusillade
Please add me if you want
Posted by grimmfoxgirl
1 February 22nd at 10:09 PM
by grimmfoxgirl
Facebook daily player, looking for more friends!
Posted by Becca Ziems
1 February 20th at 6:53 PM
by Becca Ziems
Level 232 looking for more friends
Posted by ElijahMikaelson
2 February 16th at 4:05 PM
by liliy
Daily player, max level
Posted by VisionAri
2 February 16th at 4:02 PM
by liliy
Please add me (^o^)
Posted by Dutchgirl79
3 February 9th at 12:54 PM
by Dutchgirl79