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Need some new friends :)
Posted by Cannons98
3 Saturday at 12:11 PM
by Cannons98
Looking for friends on bushwhacker 2
Posted by Whammy2318
4 March 24th at 6:13 AM
by Cannons98
FACEBOOK- Always looking for new friends
Posted by DStodg736
3 March 6th at 9:21 AM
by muhamas
Just starting on CNE - would love some friends
Posted by Felicity Jane Hughes
4 February 25th at 3:41 PM
by deals
Looking for friends - CNE
Posted by creativechick08
6 February 25th at 3:40 PM
by deals
Got back into playing BW2
Posted by Sash48
3 February 25th at 3:39 PM
by deals
Finally back in the game, need friends
Posted by spookie76
6 February 25th at 3:37 PM
by deals
Need Facebook friends for BW2
Posted by Susan Bell Dawson
2 February 24th at 6:15 PM
by muhamas
Looking for new neighbours
Posted by Michaela Niedermaier
1 February 6th at 1:30 AM
by Michaela Niedermaier
Looking for friends
Posted by jRNGn
1 January 26th at 4:20 PM
by jRNGn
Looking for Friends! Thanks!
Posted by Lupus_Dei
4 January 20th at 9:17 AM
by Horsedancer1
Facebook player needs more than 3 friends!
Posted by Felicity Jane Hughes
3 January 13th at 5:55 PM
by Susan Groth
help me add friends
Posted by Erika Rose
2 January 4th at 9:43 AM
by kiki_ar
Add me please!
Posted by cait544
3 January 1st at 4:26 PM
by kiki_ar
Add me please!
Posted by MintyLeeMagic
7 January 1st at 4:24 PM
by kiki_ar
Just started and need friends plz
Posted by SkyChey
4 January 1st at 4:22 PM
by kiki_ar
Heyo! It's Kush-Add me.
Posted by Kush
4 January 1st at 4:21 PM
by kiki_ar
Add Me Please
Posted by Brenopie
3 December 22nd at 3:00 AM
by Kush
just started and need some friends... please add me
Posted by akzonobel
5 December 22nd at 2:55 AM
by Kush
Add me please - starting over :(
Posted by Moecow6
3 December 2nd at 10:19 AM
by Nickshire