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Sticky: Step by Step Guide: How to Add FRIENDS on CNE
Posted by Flybaby
2 July 31st at 6:50 AM
by Flybaby
Add Me
Posted by Karunia01
4 Yesterday at 8:14 PM
by Fran Snidanko Isaac
Need new bushwhacker buddies
Posted by AngelWithN0Hal0
4 Yesterday at 8:12 PM
by Fran Snidanko Isaac
From armorgames looking for friends!
Posted by Lulzahoy
2 Yesterday at 4:26 AM
by irishpat04
add pls
Posted by booyaboo
2 Friday at 5:27 AM
by irishpat04
Add Me Please
Posted by Tim McNulty
1 Thursday at 7:13 PM
by Tim McNulty
Just migrated from Facebook, and looking to build my Friends list!
Posted by Karen Jones
6 September 15th at 8:55 AM
by AngelWithN0Hal0
I also need friends
Posted by Animejosse
2 September 12th at 2:02 PM
by Dutchgirl79
Need friends to play...lost most of mine even before the switch
Posted by Jennifer Flores
8 September 10th at 12:08 PM
by Animejosse
Add me as friend
Posted by ivanskcheung
2 September 8th at 6:06 AM
by irishpat04
Add me
Posted by Nicholas Fuller
1 September 7th at 4:22 AM
by Nicholas Fuller
Another Kongregate transfer
Posted by SisterMorphine
2 September 5th at 11:00 PM
by Bota
Accept friend requests.
Posted by Bota
4 September 5th at 8:30 AM
by ArmyMomOkc
Transfer from Kongregrate - Search for friends
Posted by Aulne
2 September 5th at 7:32 AM
by irishpat04
Transferred from Kongregate looking for friends
Posted by JEspo1229
2 September 4th at 5:53 AM
by irishpat04
Transferred from Kongregate
Posted by BanyWar
2 September 2nd at 6:22 AM
by irishpat04
Please add me from kongregate & Idea
Posted by Rudonja
1 September 2nd at 5:56 AM
by Rudonja
please add me as a friend
Posted by angrry
4 September 1st at 6:11 AM
by BanyWar
Kindly add me
Posted by Aelendril
4 September 1st at 6:10 AM
by BanyWar
Add me from Kong
Posted by BennyGreen
7 September 1st at 5:55 AM
by BanyWar