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Sticky: Step by Step Guide: How to Add FRIENDS on CNE
Posted by Flybaby
2 July 31st at 6:50 AM
by Flybaby
Hi all, please add me! Used to play on Kongregate as Ozdude766
Posted by Ozdude766
2 Yesterday at 6:00 AM
by irishpat04
Hello,Nice to everyone =)
Posted by HaqFox
6 Wednesday at 12:41 PM
by HaqFox
Returning Player from Kongregate
Posted by happyhappysad
1 Tuesday at 5:24 PM
by happyhappysad
Add Me :)
Posted by Deandoro
2 Tuesday at 4:20 AM
by irishpat04
Returning Kongregate player
Posted by Desdae
1 March 21st at 7:09 AM
by Desdae
Add me please!
Posted by ScarheartTG
3 March 17th at 6:29 PM
by Tim McNulty
Add me, please.
Posted by SlimShakey29
1 March 3rd at 9:59 AM
by SlimShakey29
Returning Player starting over
Posted by SatansSprite
1 February 27th at 8:08 PM
by SatansSprite
Add Me !!!
Posted by Falt
1 February 23rd at 7:50 PM
by Falt
Add me
Posted by Shai Fruend
1 February 20th at 4:11 PM
by Shai Fruend
New player needing friends.
Posted by Toni Lahti
3 February 19th at 7:56 PM
by uthbees
Returning Player - Add Away!
Posted by OrdoSkirata
1 February 19th at 7:51 AM
by OrdoSkirata
Add me!
Posted by ESKOOF
2 February 14th at 7:43 AM
by irishpat04
Me too! Me too!
Posted by Raerean
2 February 14th at 7:42 AM
by irishpat04
Playing Daily! Please add me!
Posted by BobertBeans
1 February 12th at 8:22 AM
by BobertBeans
Looking for new friends
Posted by VisionAri
1 February 9th at 9:49 PM
by VisionAri
Looking for friends
Posted by Ama Willey
1 February 5th at 10:52 AM
by Ama Willey
looking for new friends
Posted by Fay Vallies
2 February 5th at 7:34 AM
by irishpat04
Looking for friends!
Posted by FuzzyEmoKid
3 February 4th at 6:34 PM
by Fay Vallies