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NEW Wiki Page - BW2 Quick Tips
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Link to post - Posted January 10th at 5:26 PM
Last Edited January 10th at 6:02 PM
Happy New Year Everyone!

To celebrate the new year, I have created a new wiki/fandom page due to popular demand.

Quick Tips at a Glance
Whether you’re just getting started or need a refresher, here are some Quick Tips for players of all skill levels. They cover a wide range of fundamentals of the game that may help you on the road through Bushwhackia.

Please stop by to visit, and contribute your own "Quick Tips" to help your fellow players.

Happy Whacking! Flybaby
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Link to post - Posted January 11th at 7:34 AM
Thanks, Flybaby!
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Link to post - Posted January 11th at 8:42 AM
Thank you for putting all of this info together!

β™₯️ You're awesome!
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Last Edited January 11th at 11:07 AM
Thank You so much Flybaby for all the hard work you do for wiki !!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Awesome job for the BW2 Quick TipsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Link to post - Posted January 11th at 5:42 PM
TY everyone. It's been on my to-do list for a long time. Glad you enjoyed it. πŸ’•
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Link to post - Posted January 15th at 10:11 AM
Does anyone have Michen Fishing Tips besides the sonic fishing pole, and VIP buffs?

For example, has anyone experimented with trinkets, bait, etc?

Also, does anyone know approx how many casts on average to catch each Michen?
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Link to post - Posted January 15th at 11:13 PM
Flybaby: I,personally, think the Sonic Fishing Pole is not worth its HIGH cost. I don't even use it. Only use Master Bait, which takes around 2000 of them. I have found to have all your Trinket Slots filled with Quests Trinkets, and nothing else. Also, even though your pet doesn't do anything, its effects still contribute, so I ALWAYS use my Yeti, since he is a level 40. Avg, dang it varies. Sometimes in 200 casts will get 15-25 fish caught. I know it takes me a few days to complete the quests at fishing 4-6 hrs a day. I must know a little about this for I do have 6 Serpents, and no 7 is at 98 days cool-down. Hope this helps.
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Link to post - Posted January 16th at 2:51 AM
Last Edited January 16th at 2:56 AM
I did a test with 500 casts each of cheap fish, cheap valuables, master fish & master valuables, everything else unchanged. No statistically significant difference between them. I hate fishing so probably won't do a proper test on the effect of quest odds.

The average casts per michin on that test was 10.4
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Link to post - Posted January 16th at 8:22 AM
phargas: I had a whole spreadsheet from on the No. 2 - No. 5 Serpents, which I had set my alarm to enter data into it every hour. I threw it away after No. 5. Through this I did find using Energy Master Bait, the full set of Quests Trinkets and my Yeti I fished up 2 more fish every hour. At that time I decided I had wasted too much time on something so trivial, I quit doing the spreadsheet and threw it away.
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Link to post - Posted January 16th at 8:58 AM
From my spreadsheet, 500 casts per bait:
Master valuables: 61
Master fish: 61
Cheap valuables: 55
Cheap fish: 59
(The remaining 24 were fished using master valuables in 203 casts)

I did them in batches of 100 once per day because that's as much fishing as I can stand, the most I got per 100 casts was 16 which happened with each bait. The sample size is too small really for definitive conclusions but it doesn't look to me as though type or quality of bait makes a meaningful difference. I recommend using the best bait in whatever flavour you prefer so you'll get the best gold or energy return for your money.

As I said, I didn't modify quest odds during that test. It would be interesting if someone did the quest twice, once with no quest odds boost and one with fully loaded trinkets/runes/companions, counting the total casts each time. Or maybe count the michins fished after 1000 casts with or without quest odds boosted.
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Link to post - Posted January 16th at 11:07 AM
Thank you for your input Vezorbin and Phagras. your stats/spreadsheet/tips are very interesting. For the record, I don't care for fishing either. I only did the Michen quest once, and only remember that I did as well with cheap bait.
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Link to post - Posted January 16th at 12:46 PM
Last Edited January 16th at 3:03 PM

When I did all Michins,,I switched bait often from expensive/cheap bait...I would use 20 of one then switch.( I got 6 Michins in a row manyy times), plus I averaged 4/10 on both baits.I also fished at night watching TV. I was also '''patient'' when Michin fishing..
One night I got over 70/260 which varied many times to even 100/260 doing the latter.(.ONE Mich quest I can get done in 2 days.)I kept track of hrs when fishing.One Michin , I used over 600 mixed bait..

Of course using 3 sec off is the reallll treattt.that did it for me...!!!!

The latter worked awesome for alll Michins..!!So on that note alll Michin quest were done fast for me..(just saying how I did the fishing). Also.I was in the mood to get it done , which also helps.IMO .. ev1 will be different in Michin fishing Quest..

I would never try too do a Michin without the usage of boons/trinkets/quest pet/Fishing Quester (VIP),, no way..!!(This is why we have resources for fishing etc.. I USE them !!!)

I also have one too do yet.I will have another green Michin for future skins , maybe ???
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Link to post - Posted January 16th at 5:27 PM
Thanks Barb...Lots of things to try and experiment with.
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Link to post - Posted January 20th at 2:29 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
A fantastic addition to the wiki, Flybaby! The Quick Tips page is looking great.
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Link to post - Posted January 24th at 10:39 AM
Flybaby for your Michin question/comment:

I didn't take stats BUT -
You'd be silly to not use the Sonic Fishing Rod (it's not expensive compared to other items in game. If you don't have BB you'll earn some real quick at the casino for free.)
Use a Quest Mount - +24.5% Quest odds
Use a Quest Pet - Ultra Quest to 20% or if you have the Mountain Yeti @ +25%.
Set a Trinket Set/Bandolier to use all your best Quest Trinkets
Use your Master Fish bait (you don't want gold)

There is a noticeable when doing the above.

Lastly if you have the money, it can't be understated how effective the 2 Fishing Boon VIP buffs are: Furious Fisher and Fishing Quester. I had a friend gift me VIP which I used during the last Christmas Event and it was insane at the speeds at which all fishing quests could be completed.

If you did all the above and had the time to sit down, you'd get the Michin Quest completed in 1 day.

The only thing I haven't done was create and socket new runes. I'm sure the best combo would be -nothings, -gold and +quest items, but I don't have any confirmation that Runes work with fishing and/or Michin Quest. Maybe Nick can clarify.
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Link to post - Posted January 24th at 1:26 PM
-nothings doesn't affect fishing because junk is still something. I've fished up gold while at -100% gold odds so that doesn't work either. I expect fish and treasure are not the same as fruit and gold so anything affecting those odds won't work.

I'd forgotten about the VIP boons for fishing. Anecdotally, Fishing Quester takes michin odds from around 10% to around 20% but I don't know how robust that data is.
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Link to post - Posted January 25th at 2:41 PM
Last Edited January 25th at 2:44 PM

This is how/what I did all Michins FAST and with goods odds.. VIP boons..(Furious Fisher /Fishing Quester) as well as switching from Meaty and Master fish bait of 20 each.
I varied from 4 -6 fish out of 10 manyy times using the latter info.

Mind you that was my set getting it done under 2 days(counting the hrs of course)..Sometime used the quest pet but other times I didnt , and to me there was no diff.
My set up was great for me and may not be for others...just saying.
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Link to post - Posted February 7th at 12:36 PM
I use the VIP buffs (Both Furious Fisher and Fishing Quester) and the Sonic Fishing Rod.

For bait I use my highest Treasure Find. I figure I might as well get a little gold while fishing.

It usually takes me somewhere between 1200-1300 casts to get all 260.
(Seems to be a 1:5 or 1:6 probability.)
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