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need Friends please add me to bushwhacker 1 and 2 i play both games active
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Mirella Brown
i Need Friends for bushwhacker 1 and 2 to sent eachother Gifts Energy and help in game please add me i dont know how they add eachother because everythin is diffrent now
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If you play via the CNE site you need to post your friend link, you'll find it in your account profile. Without it no-one can add you.
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Link to post - Posted May 22nd 2019 at 4:56 PM
I saved this from another person, I think Duckie's post. I was so confused, too.
Step by Step Guide:

1. Hover your mouse over the top of your screen when you are on the game page. A drop down menu will appear saying "Welcome (Screenname)" and "My Account" below that.

2. RIGHT click "My Account" and open to a new tab. Keep this page open to aid in adding friends.

3. Your personal "Friends Link" will be in the box on the top right of the page. Copy and paste that link into chat to allow people to send you friend requests.

4. People are posting their "Friends Links" into chat. To go to their profile, highlight their link and RIGHT click it to open into a new tab. On their profile, click the button to send them a friend request.

5. You need to refresh your ACCOUNT page - NOT the game - in order to see your newest friend requests. Click to accept them.

6. Once you have new friends, you need to add them within the game. On your friends bar within the game you will see "Invite Friends." Click that and then click all the names you see to send them all an in-game buddy request.

7. Accept buddy requests sent to you by clicking the pink/red icon to the lower left of the in-game friends bar. That icon is where you will send all types of help to your friends and where your buddy requests land.

8. Above that pink icon is a yellow arrow "Refresh" icon. Clicking this after all the above steps will refresh your Friends Bar and those new friends will now show up.
Good luck. It seemed overwhelming to me at first after playing on the BFG format for years.
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