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Changes released August 8
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Kittychix (Chloe) (CNE Dev)
New Content:

General Updates:
- Bugs with the achievements "Scaredy-Nate" and "Nautical Nate" where progress was not showing correctly.
- Typo in Natalie Dragon's text during one of her house building quests.
- All known instances of Gem Trader NPCs giving bad information (saying they would trade 4 agate for a citrine! gasp!).
- The Wooden Shelf ranch item received as a reward from the Weekly email is now sellable.
- Castle Tile custom item from the castle now sorts correctly when placed.

Pet Updates:
- Additional pets who weren't moving around when placed on a player's ranch. (Please continue reporting these, so we can get them all moving!)
- If you cancel hatching an egg while on an egg hatching daily quest, the quest items will now be removed from your inventory right away.
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We love you, devs!!! (& mods)
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