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Changes released June 6
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Link to post - Posted June 6th 2014 at 10:48 AM
Kittychix (Chloe) (CNE Dev)
New Content:
ADDED: The Pet Adoption and Genetic Augmentation Society (PAGAS) quest-line and store, run by NPC Vincent. Vincent offers a number of new pet related services:
- Release pets and earn DNA. There are five DNA rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Unique). The DNA you get is random, but you can improve your odds of better DNA by releasing higher level pets. Pet pack pets always give 1x Unique DNA.
- Spend your DNA to randomize/reset/change your pet's bonus. DNA cost is based on the bonus you're changing it to. In most cases you must already have a pet with the given bonus in order to give that bonus to another pet.
- Spend your DNA to give a pet XP.
- Spend your DNA to buy pet eggs from the current or past pet generations.
- Spend your DNA to buy event pets or special recolors that you can't get anywhere else.
- On the Pet Summary Dialog you can claim bonuses for having certain numbers of pets (it only counts unique pets, so having 4 Black Cats only counts for 1), and which pets are currently own, or have been owned in the past.

Please see the pinned FAQ on PAGAS for additional information/questions:

Oh, and mini golf is now playable on your ranch.

General Fixes:
- Issue where picking up the new breadcrumb quest for Brock the Mason would cause the game to be unable to load. (Fixed Monday)
- Issue where the Kaine Agrabush Adventure could get into a stuck state. Affected players should enter the Crumbling Palace zone to continue. (Players who opened a ticket over the weekend were manually fixed on Monday)
- Mrs. Robinson now has dialog in Port Black Wood
- Players can no longer multiply Davy Jones' Heart (Fixed last week, not included in released notes - bad Justin!))
- Glitch where players could pick up a Farmer's Market daily quest but not be able to plant the required crop due to level requirements. Players can now plant the Farmer's Market crops regardless of level requirements as long as they're on the quest for that crop.
- Issue in the latest Nate adventure where clicking the chest after the quest had ended would cause an error.
- Glitch where certain pets (ones with a max mana/energy/power bonus) could not attain their max bonus at max level.
- Fixed a case where you could replace a rune without a confirmation dialog.

- Several shortcuts on Amicus Island, to make areas 'walkable'. Short cut areas (added with Casino, not included in released notes - bad Chloe!)
- Runes are now sorted in the Blacksmith's Equip dialogue
- Optimized the ranch inventory and ranch store so that they are more responsive.

Event Fix:
- Issue where the Summer Sports AAA Championship Trophies players can buy for Bush Bucks did not disappear from the store correctly after purchase.
- Issue where Hockey Memorabilia quest added Vuvuzela sword back to Event store, if already purchased. Affected players will see a popup notification the next time they load into the Commons.

ADDED: Permanently moved "Your Progress" bar in the holiday dialog up to the top of your list.
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Link to post - Posted June 11th 2014 at 10:22 AM
thanks for the sorting of the runes in the blacksmith equipping station, but is there a reason that you have to hold your mouse over each and every one of the runes to know what it is? I.E. Everywhere else that runes are listed, in the alchemy shop, they all show as much of their name as can fit right on screen.
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