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Codename Entertainment
Changes released May 23, 2014
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Link to post - Posted May 23rd 2014 at 12:24 PM
Kittychix (Chloe) (CNE Dev)
General Updates:
FIXED: The Spring Wire Fence now has the proper pathing tiles when rotated vertically

- Adjusted some text in Romeo and Juliet so that it made more sense in 16th century English
- Adjusted the world map icons in the Underwater Area so the flags don't block other areas

New content: Nate's Underwater Expedition -

Kaine Adventure Updates:
Mystery of the Evil Hat:

- All known & reported typos
- The achievement for completing the quest line now properly releases
- Quest items from the quest line will now properly be removed
(Players who did not receive the achievement or still had the items will have them removed automatically when they enter the Commons for the first time after this update.)
- Quest requirements to start this quest line have been adjusted; players can no longer get stuck waiting to unlock some fields in order to progress.
- The player will now teleport to the correct location when entering the Agrabush Alleyway using the world map.

Casino Updates:
FIXED: Multiplied rune wins now give multiple runes as prizes.

CHANGED: Players can now win prize tokens from a machine, even if using a multiplier larger than the number of prize tokens that can be won per day. A player still can only earn the max token payout per day (so if you win Prize Tokens x10 in Topaz Dreamz, you'll still only get 2 Prize Tokens).

ADDED: Special Casino Energy Bags
Players can now win special Casino Energy Bags instead of Energy Packs from the machines. You will not win additional bags if you already have at least 10 (soft cap), but there's currently no limit to the number you can use per day.
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Link to post - Posted May 23rd 2014 at 12:30 PM
are you aware that in agrabush a flag essentially blocks the prison?
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Link to post - Posted May 23rd 2014 at 7:09 PM
Chloe, it is really appreciated that the Devs listen to the community and implement some changes, and more importantly in a timely manner. It is the constant tweaking to improve the game that sets djArts apart.
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Link to post - Posted May 24th 2014 at 7:35 PM
is this a bug? I had thought I understood the casino tokens thing but:

I was playing a topaz dream machine, and its prize table said 2 tokens, and the other topaz machine also said 2 tokens. Well I won 2 tokens, but then guess what the other machine said, both said 0 left. Shouldn't one be able to get 2 from each, and by the same logic 1 each from the gold machines, and 5 each from the island token machine and 10 each from the bb machine.

You really have to spell out exactly how that really works cause if I don't understand it then nobody else will.
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Link to post - Posted May 25th 2014 at 3:44 AM
I half agree with Raymond, though I understand the intent.

You can only win the stated max per type of slots, not max per individual slot.
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Link to post - Posted May 25th 2014 at 3:45 AM
Also, since Friday, I have not been able to win the 1 casino token from the gold slots. I've tried 1x, 5x and 10x bets with 0 luck on lots of spins.
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Link to post - Posted May 25th 2014 at 3:52 AM
haha, ok.... it seems that complaining in the forums work. I literally just won my sole token from the gold slots. le sigh
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Link to post - Posted May 25th 2014 at 6:40 AM
if each machine has a 'prize table' and each machines prize table is slightly different, then each machine should also have its own daily max for the casino tokens, OR the prize table should say "DAILY MAX OF CASINO TOKENS ON ALL TOPAZ DREAMS MACHINES IS 2"
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Link to post - Posted May 25th 2014 at 4:44 PM
when did it become possible to walk from Amicus Island south east to the east place without having to go around the waterfall? One can also shortcut from the south to south east by walking on those little 'islands'

I first noticed this perhaps 2 weeks ago, perhaps came with the building of the casino, but not in any change lists.

thanks, love it.

but on a slightly different note, when playing a casino machine and doing a lost pig or missing villager quest, if the walk out of your view, they actually can end up anywhere on the island, not right beyond where they disappeared which is where I go right after my machine is done sometimes just mere seconds later...
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