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Countering the Complaint Thread with a "Show some love to the devs thread!" =P
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Link to post - Posted April 28th 2012 at 10:27 PM
Skye Fyre
I want to say first off, that anyone from the complaint thread who hates the fact that you need friends to get stuff -- you are playing a game on FACEBOOK, a SOCIAL NETWORK. Expect games to also be social, and quit crying -- they're free! If you want a non-social game, go download free apps for android/iphone/etc. Also, games are made to make money, and if game developers don't charge for the game itself, then they have to charge somebody somewhere, hence the bushbucks. And anyone who has ever played a ZYNGA app will know that Bush Whacker is VERY NON-INTRUSIVE when it comes to advertising their paid services!! And you don't HAVE to buy the bushbucks to enjoy the game, it is completely optional! So QUIT CRYING ALREADY! =P I too am hoping they bring back fishing though. It is very likely that they will, but the game is brand new and they probably just haven't had a chance to build it into the new system yet. Crossing my fingers though! =)

That being said, I want to THANK THE AWESOME DEVELOPERS for all the wonderful things in BW2! I LOVE the catalog that allows you to buy more than one of an item - I can't tell you how many times in BW1 I liked an item so much that I wanted more than one but would never get it. However -- I think the devs need to take this bit of advice: with BW1 we only had one of everything and I crowded every room in my house with stuff because I didn't have enough room for it all. So with this new feature, PLEASE ALLOW FOR TONS OF SPACE EXPANSIONS to fit all our new stuff!! =P I also like the catalog because in BW1 I had tons of unused gold because I ran out of things to buy with it. They added the auction house which emptied my pockets for a little bit, but then I bought everything again and had nothing else to buy! lol This will allow me to spend the excess gold on furnishing my house even better than I could before.

I like the trinket system, it allows for much more customization than BW1.

I LOVE the new interface! I thought the grid was a bit disjointed, it didn't feel much like an adventure game because there was less "adventuring" and walking around from place to place. I like that the puzzles unlock new features within your own game, it makes it more personalized. And they kept the puzzle pets, just in a different way! Now you solve a puzzle and the little critters run around your map freely instead of 'bumping uglies' with other pets in a backyard corral. =P

I could go on for a bit longer, but I think now is a good point to stop and let someone else join in the thread. =P Remember guys - the game is still brand new, allow the developers time to adjust to your feedback and enhance the game a bit before you get all bent out of shape and quit playing. lol

Oooh! One last thing before I shut up, this is a note to the devs: one thing I absolutely hated with BW1 that I hope never gets implemented in BW2 is the rediculously redundant daily quests that you had to do a million times in order to get something worthwhile. I'm not talking about the various hotspots around the map, I'm mainly pointing out the MINING dailies from the blacksmith, in which you needed to spend a ridiculous amount of energy and time to collect all the insane amounts of materials needed to craft something. Please do not put anything like that back into the game! Thanks!
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Link to post - Posted April 29th 2012 at 7:14 AM
Christine Andries
I feel you've said everything I wanted to say!

DJArts: I love your games!
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Link to post - Posted April 29th 2012 at 8:14 PM
Skye is my new favourite person! :)))))
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Link to post - Posted April 29th 2012 at 9:07 PM
Nate Dauer
The grid system was a reference to the Legend of Zelda, which played a major inspiration in the creation of BW1.
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Link to post - Posted April 29th 2012 at 9:26 PM
Last Edited April 29th 2012 at 9:27 PM
Nate Dauer
While I appreciate that you're wiling to stand against the many whiners (or, in some cases, the handful of detractors and the people they send to the forums to complain on their behalf), and the fact that you listed multiple specifics, I don't agree with a fair deal of what you've said.

Personally, I'm disappointed in a lot of BW2. In my CA guild, it's pretty well-known that BW1 is my favorite game, so when BW2 came out, I managed to recruit a lot of players to it. I'm starting to feel some regret over doing that, however, since BW2 is not living up to BW1's legacy.
Granted, I'm not falling over wailing in despair, but I'm still not completely happy either.
- We have to ask for each and every energy pack everyday?
- We have to complete each area 100% before we can procede to the next?
- There is no town in-game? (a cosmetic thing, but bothersome to me nonetheless)
- Trinkets are good, but I don't like that I have to dedicate a slot to any energy tick upgrades (the lollipop) and personal speed upgrades (the wing).
- The XP is based on a x5 system, which is pointless since in BW1's x2 system, you could sometimes get amounts that ended in an odd number, whereas you will never get an amount not divisible by 5 in BW2. It's totally pointless.
- The daily log-ins, excluding the x4 BB on day 7, are meager, at best. As far as I can decipher, they won't be getting any better as we level-up either.

I'd like to refer back to when the multipliers were changed in BW1.

Several people *were* abusing the potential exploit, some by accident, too many intentionally. That said, it was a necessary thing to change. Of course, this did, to an extent, cheat many of the players in the game, and people got upset. There was a backlash, which was understandable.

Of course, some people were complete drama queens and over-reacted to the whole thing. However, many people did make valid points as well.

The devs didn't cave to the ridiculous demands of the drama queens, but they did eventually make some changes as a compromise to the rest of the player base. Before that happened though, there was a lot of upset in the community, not just from the always-butthurt people, but the other players as well.

I believe we are currently at that point again right now. The devs don't need to cave to the demands of the whiners, but they do need to start making some compromises nonetheless.
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Link to post - Posted May 1st 2012 at 9:17 PM
Skye Fyre
And I agree with you on a lot of that, but one thing we have to keep remembering is this is a brand new game, with a brand new system. I think the developers did a wonderful job taking players' complaints seriously (those that were valid complaints and not just the degenerate whiners you described wonderfully =P ) and I have faith that the devs will work out the kinks in BW2.

Honestly, I really don't think the "friend requests" are that intense here. In BW1 you were only given 6 energy packs, but you had to wait until someone sent you one to be able to use it. Here, I can ask for all my packs (there is a daily limit to the number you can use) and have them all ready to go by the time my daily timer resets, so I can use them at my own leisure. Then I (or my friends, rather) have all day to respond to my requests to send me more energy packs before I can use them again the next day.

And yes, there are more locked gates in BW2 that require friend help than in BW1, but again I must remind everyone that this is a social game, meant to bring friends together to play together and help one another. And come on, asking 6 friends for help every few days to open a map is MUCH BETTER than zynga's illustrious I-need-50-of-every-item-to-complete-one-tiny-task and requires you to have several hundred friends who all play the same game to accomplish anything in a relatively timely manner. >.< I refuse to play zynga games for this reason, because they do take the whole social thing way too far.

You are bummed that you cannot proceed to the next point until you have finished the first one, and I'd like to comment on that too. =P I remember plenty of times in BW1 after being around lvl 50ish when I had WAY TOO MANY options! There were tons of maps yet to explore and never the time or energy needed to catch up with it all! =P I like that BW2 is more linear, and I don't have any problems collecting all my puzzle pieces, quest items, etc in a relatively timely manner. (This is in response to a lot of people from the complaint thread that say quests take too long.) They balance out the larger quest item requirement by allowing you to MULTIPLY them with your multiplier! lol I was lucky and filled up my power to 20, whacked a quest item bush, and had my quest half done with just one whack! =P

But yes, that being said, the new multiplier system here is taking a bit of adjusting to, and I'm not sure if I am happy with it or not. In most cases, I find myself using a 10x multiplier on a bush/monster that has half nothing and half tiny mana (x1), leaving me with less mana than the power I multiplied with. >.< Still, I suppose it is better than all nothing? =/

Like I said, given some time, I'm sure BW2 will become the game we hoped it would be. ^_^
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Link to post - Posted May 2nd 2012 at 8:01 PM
Wayne Bennett
Skye, I'll have to counter you on the "social game" aspect. Lately, several of my FB friends have been getting 30 day friend request bans because of trying to be social.

How exactly do you bypass that when what is necessary to access certain areas in BW2 is being punished by FB?
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Link to post - Posted May 2nd 2012 at 10:28 PM
David Whittaker (CNE Dev)
Wayne, you are falsely equating having some in game friends with inviting random people. It is our intention that players invite their real friends to play, as adding random people from the forum doesn't help grow the game. (obviously we are aware that many players do add random people, and while it is not intended it is not something we can do anything about).

You are also leaving out the important fact that a 30 day ban is only given after 5 previous warnings and you have to be inviting a lot of random people you don't have any connections to even get the first warning. I assume you left that out in order to foster the misconception that it is common place for people to get banned for adding a few friends. It is not, you have to be going overboard.

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Link to post - Posted May 3rd 2012 at 9:16 PM
Wayne Bennett
David, you can only ask your friends so many times about joining a game. If you can't do it that way, then the only option is via forums.

As to why the ban, I don't know specifics because it's never happened to me directly; but a lot of posts I get on my wall are from friends being hit with the 30 day ban. Therefore, I was going under the impression that something serious had to been going on for that many having the same "timeout".

Granted I know it's a different topic aside from BW2 all together, but it does seem odd how FB encourages you to interact with others but then turns around & "pauses" parts of your acct. because of doing that.
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Link to post - Posted May 3rd 2012 at 9:38 PM
David Whittaker (CNE Dev)
Hi Wayne,

I believe facebook limits the number of friend invites you can send to people you don't know because it they are more likely to be unwanted and possibly spam.

You will be happy to know we have adjusted the friend blocks to allow friends to help again every 48 hours.

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Link to post - Posted May 4th 2012 at 3:29 PM
Nate Dauer
That's good, quite a bit more "BW1-ish". It's a start, at least...
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Link to post - Posted May 4th 2012 at 7:42 PM
Norma Thompson
The increase in 30-day bans is a case of fb changing its friending system.

If I send you a friend request I am automatically "subscribed" to you. When you deny the request I am still "subscribed" to you unless *I* unsubscribe. The only way *you* can unsubscribe me is to choose the "no" from the "Do you know this person" question which actually blocks me from your account.

Now if you decide to unfriend me I am still subscribed to you. Again the only way to fully sever the connection is to "block" me.

So if a lot of people start unfriending me I get a lot of people "blocking" me. Which means fb picks up that I must be "annoying" and "spamming" people. Thus they put the friend request ban on me so I will stop the action.

In the past if you ignored the friend request, you severed the connection without having to block the other person.

Because fb changed the way to remove people, more people are getting flagged through the blocking.
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Link to post - Posted May 5th 2012 at 10:08 AM
Last Edited May 5th 2012 at 10:09 AM
Wayne Bennett
Norma, from all I've seen, read, & experienced appears that the way/idea people make friends & the way FB wants you to do it don't necessarily follow the same directions.

I think it's just the wording, but I would like to change the FB friend request a bit.

1. The way it appears FB does it (which might be what they changed), it goes like this: "John Doe would like to be your friend. Do you know this person? Click yes/no." Should you click "no", it counts as a strike against "John Doe" & after ____ # of strikes, "John Doe" gets the friend request ban.

2. When somebody sends a friend request, the receiver's message should read: "'John Doe' would like to be your friend. Do you accept? Click yes/no." Now, should you constantly get requests from "John Doe", you should then be given the option to block them from future contact & "John Doe" couldn't contact you anymore.

3. Okay, say "John Doe" wants to send out 10 requests & (following #1) the first 3 say "no" & 3 is the amount of strikes, "John Doe" is then banned for a period of time before he can ask people #'s 4-10 who might say "yes". With the proposal I have in #1, "John Doe" is allowed to contact all 10 people without having to wait for a ban to pass & thinking/appearing that he is a spammer instead of trying to be social.
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