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if you care.. post about not needing friends!!
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Link to post - Posted April 23rd 2012 at 9:59 AM
Bernie Bernstone
so david the dev here thinks that nobody is complaining enough about needing at least 7 friends to play this game, even though he had to shut down a thread already for getting too long.. i never got more than 3 in BW1 and played until the game was finished.. for way over a year... while this of course goes against facebook policies for incentivizing, the devs dont really give a crap since there are tons of games out there that go against FB policies, and they dont care about doing the right thing, just about making more money, as long as they cant get in trouble from it.. they also said there is a minimal amount of complanits about this.. so if you want to be able to play the game for more than a week (which is way past the limit without inviting friends), make sure to post about it!! or you will have to give up on the game like i am going to have to do... so lets fill up this thread to show your support of not needing friends to play!!
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Link to post - Posted April 23rd 2012 at 10:08 AM
David Whittaker (CNE Dev)
Hi Bernie,

As I posted in the other thread:

The bottom line is we are small team that works exceptionally hard to make the best games we can. In the past we have given away that work in a more "free" fashion. That has not worked out in our favor. The majority of Facebook games require the invite of friends on a much greater level than we do.

It is our position that having a handful of friends playing (7 to 10), or paying a few real dollars ($2 or $3) for around a weeks worth of game content (or a combination of the two) is both generous (compared to a lot of other games) and fair.

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