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Junior Bush Whacker Event 2023 Edition
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Link to post - Posted September 8th at 9:34 AM
Last Edited September 8th at 9:39 AM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)

It's time to put your knowledge of whacking bushes to good use as you help educate the next generation! Take a trip to the Event Area of the Commons and get helping!

The event will run until Friday, September 22nd at Noon PDT!

Event blog.

Release notes for today.
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Link to post - Posted September 9th at 11:44 PM
Russel Denton
Hi Nick,

could you perhaps possible, make changes to the eagle mask and make it cover the whole head like the dog ones do, and also make the eagle wings bigger like pegasus size,

other than that all is good in the event
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Link to post - Posted September 21st at 9:26 AM
Last Edited September 21st at 9:30 AM
Are people using bots to play this game or somehow cheating? There is no way that 2 players have earned 34,637% and 27,547% complete above the general top players for this event. The others are only at 462%, 250%, 220%, and myself barely within striking range of earning the last reward for BB in VIP status. Seriously! That would require that top earner to have found almost 104 MILLION swords with almost 21 MILLION turn-ins to get to that percentage and the second one would have had to have found over 82,641,000 MILLION, etc. WTF???!!! It takes finding 3,000 swords to get 600 turn-ins to make the initial 100% for comparison.

Secondly, why is it so difficult to get enough swords to collect even 200%. I am usually 3-4 times over the required amounts and collect early. I play every day and this is just ridiculous.
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Link to post - Posted September 21st at 12:45 PM
Pay for the VIP + there are some hacks out there.
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Link to post - Posted September 21st at 1:50 PM
Well I am currently paying for VIP and there is nothing that would help me gain it that fast. It’s just unfortunate some players resort to hacking a game.
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Link to post - Posted September 24th at 10:22 AM
I always wondered about that too. I sometimes see that some people have over 100% completion on the very first day of the event. I mean, how is that even possible.
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Link to post - Posted September 24th at 11:12 AM
Russel Denton
The "Hacks" Tgcougar is refering too, is some players use auto-clickers, which basically means they don't have to do a thing just point the mouse where they need and the auto-clicker does the rest.
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Link to post - Posted September 24th at 11:47 AM
But they must run out of energy just like everyone else. I don’t think an auto-clicker is going to give someone that much of an advantage other than saving them from clicking manually. There’s something else going on.
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Link to post - Posted September 29th at 7:52 PM
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