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St. Patrick's Event 2023 Edition
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Link to post - Posted March 17th at 10:38 AM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)

Leprechauns are hiding in fields all over Bushwhackia for St. Patrick's Day! Catch 'em all!

Details and the FAQ can be found on the blog!

Plus the change log!

The event runs until Friday March 31st at Noon PDT!
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Link to post - Posted March 21st at 12:34 PM
Now I remember why I don't like this Event that much.The tokens don't fall well. Here it is the 4th day & I still have half the inventory to purchase, & not 1 Gift Basket purchased. Yea, this is one of my least favorite Events. I did make a Big Shamrock on my Ranch. Only decorations going to do.
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