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New Content: Generation 15 Pets Now Available!
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Link to post - Posted August 24th at 11:57 AM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)

A new generation of unique companions are hatching all over Bushwhackia! Find them, raise them, and increase your PAGAS unique pet count! Talk to Misty in the Commons to get started!

The pet update blog

Today's release notes.
Post by Russel Denton deleted August 24th at 12:36 PM
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Link to post - Posted August 24th at 1:04 PM
Not what I expected. Some are repeats, but nice to see a new Bunny Egg, and the other new ones. Been waiting for the new ones forever. ty
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Link to post - Posted August 26th at 8:51 AM
Last Edited August 26th at 2:48 PM
HMMMMM,, is it just me or are the pets getting smaller and smaller..The bear and muddy one i have done aleady and now doing the mistle toad one.(wonders the size of it)...I really do not want a fish bag pet.(wonders the size of it).The ones I really like are the bunny egg /billy goat ...but thanks for new gen15 tho..
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Link to post - Posted August 26th at 3:09 PM
Russel Denton
Thanks for the new pets, and thanks for taking on board 2 of my previous pet suggestions, the mud man named muddy and the wasp which is called the yellowjacket, the fish on a bag pet is definitely the odd one out I reckon.....but good work Georgia on the pets
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