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10th Anniversary Event starts Friday at noon!
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Link to post - Posted April 14th at 3:58 PM
Last Edited April 14th at 3:59 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)

Happy almost anniversary Whackers!

Celebrate Bush Whacker 2's upcoming 10th birthday with a 2 week event!

Note: Tomorrow you will just set up the party. The 1st turn-in station will be available the following day, Saturday April 16th, if you've completed all 3 set-up quests for Manfred.

Blogs will go live at noon tomorrow, Friday April 15th, along with the event!

Spoilers and details will be available on the blog!

Plus, the (almost) weekly change log will be readable here!
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Link to post - Posted April 17th at 7:53 PM
Hey Nick,

just want to check if the make gnome quest has a release date? It's just when I talk to Cory he says he'll make them if I bring him the parts but my only response to him is 'Bye Cory' and the quest is not in my list. Is it available yet or is it one of the ones that will open later? Just wanted to make sure it hadn't glitched in some way.

Cheers AC
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Link to post - Posted April 18th at 5:58 AM
I, also, talked to Cory on Saturday and I also was told the same thing. Still, as of Monday, no gnome parts. Why? I had sent you a ham message on Saturday, but never got a reply back.
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Link to post - Posted April 18th at 11:38 AM
I believe the gnome quest starts on day 2 of the event, If you have found less than 27 eggs from previous years.

It will start on day 5 for those that have all the previous years gnomes.
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Hey all dev's good 10th so far, (👍 ͡─ ͜ʖ ͡─)👍Really enjoying it.!!!!!and the goodies..(👍 ͡─ ͜ʖ ͡─)👍
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Link to post - Posted April 18th at 5:24 PM
Hey Flybaby, where was that posted, about the day 5 thing? I knew that if you had less than 27 you got 2 per day to make up the numbers but I didn't see anything on the blog for a day. I thought it might be a release date thing to keep everyone to the same schedule but I couldn't see it anywhere.
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Link to post - Posted April 19th at 1:30 AM
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Hi Anubischick.
I found info from previous years Anniversary events on Bush whacker 2 Facebook. The Devs post daily updates during events so it's a good reference point (although things can change from year to year).
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Link to post - Posted April 19th at 11:17 AM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
I have fixed the issue with the Gnomification quest for people with more than 16 dev gnomes!

You will be given compensation for the 3 days of being unable to do the daily quest next time you talk to Cory (the Gnomification NPC) in the event area.

Sorry about that!
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Link to post - Posted April 19th at 11:46 AM
Last Edited April 19th at 12:17 PM
Nick, Thanks for the bushbucks gift! I only got 4 of the 5 dev gnomes today. I am not sure if it said another one will follow or not? But I am sitting now with a total of 31 dev gnomes. Oh, I think I see where the 5th one is now, didn't have the find Nick quest until after I posted.
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Saturday, June 15 will start at 11:00 am with our Open Campus Day. School pupils, friends, parents and members of the general public are all cordially invited to our Kamp-Lintfort campus to sneak a peek at our university operations, to learn about our degrees and faculties, and to stroll through our modern auditoriums, computer pools, labs, library and language centre. Professors and students will be on-hand to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Look forward to a whole bunch of interesting events, fun activities, a new quiz app – as well as a bonus anniversary programme for families. You may also want to enjoy some good food and drink at one of the food trucks on campus.

Open Campus Day will wrap up in the afternoon, but the afterparty will continue well into the evening hours. Daniel Danger will be moderating both events. You might recognize the popular radio journalist from his many “dangerous missions” for 1LIVE. His mission for our Open Campus Day and Anniversary Celebration: to entertain our guests with wit and humour.
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Link to post - Posted April 21st at 7:57 AM
lol the contest is a joke... it's the same winners everyday. well done on voting for yourselves with your multiple alternate accounts.

Nick, for subsequent community voting you should enable only 1 vote per entrant. Far too many times I keep seeing the options presented to vote on. This makes it extremely easy for people to manipulate the standings. Especially when a player can log on first thing at reset and pump votes on their main account.
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Link to post - Posted April 21st at 10:11 AM
Last Edited April 21st at 11:11 AM
FYI : When someone wins,contest for that day that person has to wait 3 days to re-enter, so all i see are past winners as well as today's winners.It states it in the blog.
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Link to post - Posted April 21st at 4:33 PM
Nick, I was thinking about the contest and there is something that I do not understand. If people submit their entries later in the day, does that mean that they lose the opportunity for people to vote for them earlier? Would it make more sense that people submit their entries and then the next day the voting begins? This way the entries are all posted at the same time. Just wondering...
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Link to post - Posted April 21st at 4:39 PM
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ajvi.......Once you enter the voting matter what time of day, and winners are picked at 12 PDT = 3:am next morning.So try to submit as early as you what I do..
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Link to post - Posted April 21st at 6:33 PM
Thx BarbZak!
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