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March 1st Bush Whacker Weekly livestream cancelled
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Link to post - Posted March 1st at 2:15 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
Hello Whackers!

There's a lot going on for Georgia and I, so we're cancelling today's Bush Whacker Weekly livestream.

Check in with me instead during Wednesday's Q&A on the forums, and/or in chat at 11 AM Pacific on Friday!

Hope to see you there!
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Link to post - Posted March 1st at 2:27 PM
Last Edited March 1st at 10:01 PM
Finally something about this, TY. Think going to quit watching it, but not sure. Hope things aren't going as bad for you guys as it has for me/Julie, because don't want ANYONE experiencing it. The Live Stream has been an "out" of reality, but it is barely on anymore and I am sorry that life has been... Be Safe
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Link to post - Posted March 1st at 2:45 PM
Last Edited March 4th at 8:37 AM
I am in angreement with whackedcrafter, hence I have sortta lost interest in it for some reason...BUT best of luck with all of it dev├Ęs..I dont have the time or I forget about it lately...or whenever it is ON..It was good tho..!!!
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