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Stuck In Missing Island
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Link to post - Posted February 26th at 8:33 PM
I am an old player and stopped playing for a while and have been plodding along and finishing off old areas.

I am stuck on the missing island at 97%

I have found the other islands, finished all the puzzles and have the eggs but no blue ring is showing up on the eggs, I have searched all the posts and found that this may be a glitch ??? Was it ever corrected or can it be fixed so I can move on ?

I am trying to unlock all the locked areas and I need the Detective so I can unlock the locked area on Island 2...
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Link to post - Posted March 2nd at 2:14 PM
I'm not sure I know what blue ring and eggs you are referring to as it's been a while since I played that area. But here is a link that may provide some help.
Good Luck
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