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Christmas daily quests limit?
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Link to post - Posted December 26th at 6:36 PM
Last Edited December 27th at 3:46 AM
Hi all,

just checking if it is just me, but it seems that with the daily quests in elfland, you can either have the fishing quest pop or the snowfall quest pop but not both, a bit like in the Commons with the town hall. Up until the snowfall one completed the fishing one showed every day, now it is either one or the other. It's not a big deal since the achievements attached to them are done but I don't remember that happening in the previous years.

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Link to post - Posted December 28th at 8:45 AM
I think it's been this way for a couple of years. I forget every time. It would be nice to have some sort of heads up that it's either or. Maybe a note in the blog, Don't wouldn't to add more to the NPC dialogue. Sasha the reindeer dialogue already drives me batty.
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Link to post - Posted December 28th at 2:54 PM
Russel Denton
speaking to a few players, and some would like the carols quest to change from going back and forth like a YO-YO to the guy in the event area, changed to just finding them all, then go back perhaps, i will raise this at the 1st Q/A of 2022 ok, happy to hear folks thoughts though ok
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Link to post - Posted December 28th at 7:24 PM
Ah, ok maybe I did forget. Also yes the return the reindeer quests and the carol collection are unnecessarily lengthy in the amount of interaction, as is the 'I have to dig out these snowdrifts' each time. Heck I even dislike having to head up to talk to Santa to be told yet again he's got a restraining order against him. I'd prefer if Red just says, thanks for the chow, the presents are in the sleigh, you know Santa won't be doing it.

Thanks for letting know it wasn't just me though :)
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