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St. Patrick's Event 2021 Edition
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Link to post - Posted March 12th at 12:56 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)

Catch those Leprechauns!

Details and the FAQ can be found on the blog!

Plus the change log!

The event runs until Friday March 26th at Noon PST!
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Link to post - Posted March 13th at 11:41 AM
Last Edited March 13th at 11:52 AM
Edit - I don't see anything in the blog that says the event tokens only come from the leprechauns. Is that why I'm not getting any from bushes/monsters?
I have my event item % at 80 for one of my profiles and 40% for my other profile. It doesn't seem the event buff makes a difference. I am getting 3 tokens per leprechaun. It this how many everyone is getting from them? Has anyone noticed the frequency/drop rate of the leprechauns? That is the only thing I didn't count.
Thanks! 🍀
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Link to post - Posted March 13th at 7:57 PM
Russel Denton
try equipping quest items ok ArmyMomOkc, i have a feeling this sort of Question has been raised in previous years/or on chat and im pretty sure you need to equip Quest items ok, matey give that a whirl ok
Post by Heather Collings deleted March 14th at 3:14 AM
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Link to post - Posted March 14th at 6:51 AM
I appreciate you trying to help. Have you gotten event tokens from bushes/monsters? If the answer is no then that's part of the answer I am looking for. That we only get these from the leprechauns.
I believe you are correct that this question has been asked before.
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Link to post - Posted March 14th at 6:57 AM
I don't think using a quest buff is going to help with my question. I'm not concerned about getting the "special" leprechauns or other event quest items. Just concerned with the event tokens. 🍀🙂
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Link to post - Posted March 14th at 10:36 AM

I too am only getting event tokens from the leps...I also have boons equipped as well to no avail...The whacked bushes I get station stuff......only
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Link to post - Posted March 14th at 6:25 PM
Russel Denton
@ArmyMomOkc, after re-reading your problem i figured it out ok...bear with me now

ok so we have 8 hatted Lep's, and 3 are stations, which we collect beer/gold/four-leaf clovers from the un-hatted Lep's, nothing else should be giving out tokens etc, ok, the other 5 lep's are quests stilts,dye,hats,gold and something else i can;t remeber ok,

so the 3 leps that are stations you need to go to them after you get them to 100% ok, and thats where you get tokens ok

you do also get quest tokens from the event folk for completing quests too ok

.......from what you are describing sounds like a glitch/bug because i have not experienced this i recommend you send a ticket ok matey hope this helped
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Link to post - Posted March 15th at 2:31 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
The Gold, Beer and items for the 3rd turn-in station do only drop from the Leprechauns that spawn while you're whacking bushes.

They don't drop from bushes like other event items.
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Link to post - Posted March 16th at 10:25 AM
Hope this helps to better explain it. (Taken from the wiki)

Leprechaun Drops

When you have only the first station unlocked the Leprechauns will drop gold every time. Once you unlock two stations, they'll have a 50% chance to drop gold AND a 50% chance to drop beer. Once you have three stations, they'll have a 33% chance to drop each turn-in item.

Because each of these chances are independent of each other, it's possible to have a leprechaun drop nothing, but it's also possible to have a leprechaun drop multiple items. In the end it will average out to 1 drop per leprechaun.

Note: Having Quest Item Trinkets equipped will increase the Leprechaun drop rate.
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Link to post - Posted March 16th at 10:26 AM
Here's a table for all the mathies out there:

1 Station Unlocked: (1 Leprechaun captured)

100% 3 Leprechaun Gold

(1.0 * 1) = 1 drop per leprechaun

2 Stations Unlocked: (3 Leprechauns captured)

25% Nothing
25% 3 Gold
25% 3 Beer
25% 3 Gold + 3 Beer

(.25 * 0) + (.25 * 1) + (.25 * 1) + (.25 * 2) = 1 drop per leprechaun

3 Stations Unlocked: (5 Leprechauns captured)

29.6% Nothing
14.8% 3 Gold
14.8% 3 Beer
14.8% 3 Clovers
7.4% 3 Gold + 3 Beer
7.4% 3 Gold + 3 Clovers
7.4% 3 Beer + 3 Clovers
3.7% 3 Gold + 3 Beer + 3 Clovers

(.296 * 0) + (.148 * 1) + (.148 * 1) + (.148 * 1) + (.074* 2) + (.074 * 2) + (.074 * 2) + (.037 * 3) = 1 drop per leprechaun

Courtesy of Justin Stocks (CNE Dev) - March 5th 2013
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Link to post - Posted March 16th at 10:36 AM
Here's one more tidbit taken from the wiki (2013 St pat's event)

Trinket Modifier
[Dev] Justin Stocks states via in-game chat "The only thing that affected the Lep drops were +Quest Item trinkets, which is ironic because those don't normally work on event drops." This means you are able to equip Quest Items Trinkets to effect the drop rate but Void Trinkets (Less Nothings) will not.
(poster unknown)
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Link to post - Posted March 16th at 12:39 PM
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hmm interesting Flybaby.....your last comment,thanks for info.about less nadas...
I never would have thought of it that way..but it makes sense!!!
YOU sure have a way of gettin info when needed !!!!
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Link to post - Posted March 16th at 2:01 PM
Last Edited March 16th at 2:04 PM
Your welcome Barb. I have fun digging around to find these little forgotten about tidbits. Glad if it helped somewhat. It certainly gives us something to experiment with. But we should keep in mind that the last post is from 2013 and things could have changed between then and now. :-)
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Link to post - Posted March 16th at 3:51 PM
Oh I do Flybaby, I comprehend..D
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