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Remove Idol Bonus and gimp idol investments in Dungeons...

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Link to post - Posted July 31st 2020 at 8:03 PM
Last Edited August 23rd 2020 at 4:45 AM
I wish it would be removed...

Possible nerf...

I suggest that the dungeon idol percentage at very slow pace until area 5000. Starting Area 5000, would gain more idol percentage at normal but albeit barely slow pace until area 10000. Starting Area 10000, you would not gain idol percentage anymore. This idol bonus percent (this includes post-ad and challenge bonuses) to Dungeons needs to be removed for more clarification and review.


0.01% of idol Every 500 areas until area level 5000. (total 0.10%)

New proposed plan.

Area 5501-6000, idol percent of 0.11%
Area 6001-6500, idol percent of 0.12%
Area 6501-7000, idol percent of 0.13%
Area 7001-7500, idol percent of 0.14%
Area 7501-8000, idol percent of 0.15%
Area 7501-8000, idol percent of 0.16%
Area 8001-8500, idol percent of 0.17%
Area 8501-9000, idol percent of 0.18%
Area 9001-9500, idol percent of 0.19%
Area 10000 and higher, idol percent of 0.20%

Another proposal as severe nerf to this, to be degenerate perhaps.

0.01% of idols invested every 500 areas until area 10000, with maximum cumlative total of 0.2% of idol invested. No more idol bonuses in dungeons, please. Make this a possible nerf as diminishing return...

This is to further prevent future exploits for high-end veterans like us.

You can no longer gain idol % percent at area level 10000 or higher.

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Link to post - Posted August 6th 2020 at 11:05 PM
I would discard the percentage gain of total idols on dungeon idol bonus
Why you don't reward endgame players a percentage of
(best freeplay idol gain per week) * (challenge coins earned)
So you got to play the challenge and want to push far, you want to have a good freeplay run and dungeons to go deep.

Also the current huge gains and resulting exponential growth make it pretty difficult to set up new talents reasonable in the future
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