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Add a second statistics window (or as a tab)

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Link to post - Posted July 18th 2020 at 2:11 PM
I would like to see a unified place to view the statistics of a player that cover the all the items that players collect, meaning:

1) Idols
1a) Total
1b) Unspent
2) Crafting materials
2a) Unspent
2b) Total (if Legendaries were disenchanted back into common material)
2c) Legendaries and Free Craft
3) Silver Chests, Jeweled Chests, Other Chests
4) Rubies
5) Time and Buff cards
6) Rings, Amulets, Horns, Cornucopias, Coins and Bars

Bonus if there is a way to copy these numbers to the clipboard. The Ctrl-C key shortcut or a button.

Enchantment Points might need its own window/tab.
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