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Player-option to change to Silver Chest opening behavior

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Link to post - Posted July 18th 2020 at 1:59 PM
Last Edited July 18th 2020 at 2:00 PM
Currently each Silver Chest must calculate each of the three items within it, including the specific piece of gear.

I want players, for whom it is not possible to open a Silver Chest and not disenchant the piece gear[1], have the option to not bother calculating which gear is disenchanted.

Further, the non-gear items inside the chest could and should be calculated in bulk too. Each of the buff cards has a drop rate, Common buffs seem to be about 54 of each type per 1,000 chests.

As I said elsewhere, I only open 10,000 Silver Chests at a time and I am inclined to up this to 50,000. It took me 3 minutes per 10,000 last time I opened them. This is a vast improvement from the previous opening rate, but the opening process is still overly taxing to CNE and players, IMO.

CNE may not like that we open so many, but it is how the game is currently oriented, AFAICT.


[1] This is when a player has Rare gear or better in all slots for crusaders that the player has unlocked and are neither event crusaders nor desert bus crusaders.
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