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St. Patrick's Event 2020 Edition
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Link to post - Posted March 13th at 11:00 AM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)

Catch those Leprechauns!

Details and the FAQ can be found on the blog!
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Link to post - Posted March 13th at 11:11 AM
This is so great !!!!
Plus, just seen on the blog the 2020 holiday pet´s silhouette... can´t wait... :)
Thank´s Nick !!!!
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Link to post - Posted March 13th at 4:23 PM
Last Edited March 13th at 4:56 PM
FUN!! But I have many rainbow items. I don't remember which items came in 2014!! I have all rainbow items on but are they they right ones so I can Whack a Leprechaun while dressed like Rainbow (Wearing custom items from 2014.) I found the required items in WIKI and am wearing them, but whacking the Leprechauns doesn't do anything. And changing the sword back and forth is frustrating because I can't just move the runes!
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Link to post - Posted March 14th at 6:13 AM
Last Edited March 15th at 11:12 AM
Hi Horsedancer ....

I pulled some info from the wiki. Hope it helps. It seems that you have to wait for "The End of the Rainbow quest."

From Wiki:
Whack a rainbow while dressed like a Leprechaun (from 2013)
Must wear a Leprechaun costume from 2013 (any of the ones for the Seeing Double Achievement will do; there may be other combinations that will work) and hit a rainbow from the The End of the Rainbow daily quest.
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Link to post - Posted March 14th at 6:18 AM
Thanks Flybaby!! I must not have read far enough. Now I have to get out of my rainbow gear and find the right Leprechaun gear!
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Link to post - Posted March 14th at 6:21 AM
Last Edited March 15th at 11:11 AM
Horsedancer... Your welcome.

EDIT: Just wanted to clarify ... You must find the 6th Leprechaun, which will open "The End of the Rainbow" daily quest.
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Link to post - Posted March 15th at 5:58 AM
Tigris M
Finishing the puzzle in Rainbows end also completed the complete all puzzles in Tunnel Kine objective I also had from the new hub. So the objective has moved to find the orb even though I haven't finished the last puzzle there.
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Link to post - Posted March 20th at 9:49 AM
Last Edited March 20th at 9:56 AM
LOL, I had a DUH moment. If I had read the list carefully, you can only get the Rainbow and My Leprechaun quest if you haven't already gotten them. After going back, changing gear numerous times, I looked at my Achievements and already have both of those. Whooo I was getting so frustrated. Thanks for the help folks!I have been playing this game nearly 7 years and should have learned not to jump ahead but to read the WHOLE post!
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