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Greed is good, patience is better

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With the addition of the jeweled chest shop, spending rubies in bulk to buy a bunch of chests at once, I thought it might be an idea worth considering to make buying in bulk more lucrative. I get that the point of buying in bulk was just to save time for people who had built up a bunch of rubies and didn't want to spend them 100 at a time. And since jeweled chests are an incentive to spend money, which supports CNE, I can totally understand not applying this suggestion. But I thought it was an interesting idea, so figured it'd be worth sharing.

In the ruby shop, on bundles of 5 chests or more, give a 20% bonus to chests. Ergo, 100 rubies is 1 chest, but 500 rubies is 5+1 chests, and 2500 rubies is 25+5 chests, and 10,000 rubies would be 100+20 chests. This would reward patience, and allow for players to ask themselves "Do I spend my rubies right now for immediate rewards, or save for a long time to get more chests per ruby?" Getting 20 free jeweled chests might seem steep, but keep in mind that is also at the cost of 10,000 rubies, which would take a very long time to reach while relying on dailies and missions. Objectives would get a player to that 10,000 mark much more quickly, but there's a limited amount of those in the game at any given time anyway, which makes them non-renewable to farm.

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