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Chat ettiquette and manners
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Link to post - Posted February 1st at 3:11 AM
Russel Denton
Today i was told by another player that someone was asking for help about something in the game, and another player gave a most unhelpful and rude answer, to the player in need, later on in chat i witnessed something similar .

i myself, help players on chat when needed and also give links if required.

bottom line: if someone asks for help, be helpful and if you feel the need to say something stupid keep it too yourself please.
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Link to post - Posted February 1st at 4:40 AM
Agree 100%
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Link to post - Posted February 1st at 7:55 AM
Agree too!
I am always saddened when I see that kind of behavior. No need to be rude. If you don't have anything nice to say then just don't ... :(
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Link to post - Posted February 1st at 8:21 AM
i have more then 3 hours of chat recorded before a person commented on someones rude remark. i asked who did what. nobody answered. i saw nothing by anyone going back all those hours that anyone could call rude.
p.s. i was away that whole time so know it was not me, i know a lot of you want it to be me...
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Link to post - Posted February 1st at 9:47 AM
Last Edited February 1st at 9:47 AM
Ray, I did not immediately think you. We are on different platforms so you know I cannot see your chat. It happens on my platform too.

When I see that kind of rudeness I report & mute them and help the person if I know the answer. I acknowledge someone asking even if I don't know the answer because I have seen players ignore them too. Which can be just as frustrating for a player.

Long time players seem to forget what it's like to be new. It's a pretty brave move for some people to jump into chat between players having non play conversations to ask a simple question. However, most of the time I see players being helpful and welcoming to new players.
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