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Option to click through companions and wild animals
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Link to post - Posted January 25th at 4:19 PM
Last Edited January 25th at 4:22 PM
I don't know if this happens just to me, but more than often my Companiion is often in front of things, being it things in Amicus Isle to click, being in front of spawnable whacking items. If we could activate an option to be able to click though it like the one for other players in Amicus Isle as it would save some time. Every time my gryffion is in front of things I need to to click further away, make my character move away and return to the same spot it becames boring if often repeated. I know clicking on companions on ranch lets you changed them without going to the menu, so why I am asking for an option to click or not the companion. Or making it possible to click through outside the ranch.
Wild animals its similar in Christmas event I was stuck inside the santa's iglo cause the reindeer blocked the door, and had to wait more than 10 seconds for it to move so I could go to other places in the event area.

Probably doesn't bother anyone else. But could be a thing to think of
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Link to post - Posted January 25th at 4:55 PM
nicw idea.
but you know, in Santa's house you could have used the globe to teleport to the commons, or the C event icon to teleport to the event area instead of just walking out of the house through its fireplace
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Link to post - Posted January 25th at 5:48 PM
The quesiton is I didn't want to have to leave the North Pole area, just to get back there again to finish my other event quests. teleporting would take time for the two reloads to get back to the North Pole area. Probably my error was to end the reidneer quest before talking to Santa ahah. Next year have to remember to end that questions after doing the santa's quest
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Link to post - Posted February 2nd at 10:26 AM
I like this idea. I find myself often having to change my character's position to move my pet to click on something.

I also had a run in with the reindeer but I was down by the snowball fight area & it wouldn't move so I could do a turn in. I left & came back to get around it but it was irritating.
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