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how to get DJArts tokens to work again
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Link to post - Posted January 24th at 8:12 PM
Someone in chat mentioned recently that they were unable to get to use those whereas she was able to as recently as last week. Said the tokens screen did not even have a login or login with facebook button anymore. But then later on said she got in. Was some kind of antivirus setting issue, or popup blocker issue. Someone else under similar circumstances got in but not using the normal browser that use.
I normally do not use djarts tokens but have been able to perhaps as recently as last month. But now i can not. I wonder if this in any way is related to the CNE addition of a whole new server and logins to facilitate the BFG game players.

I did an experiment. Used all the browsers I have active on my computer. chrome, firefox, safari, opera, sea monkey, comet bird, pale moon, iron, midouri, internet explorer, microsoft edge. None had a login button on the token screen. All had a login button on the forums screen. But that button did not work, and manual username and password entry do work to get into the forum but the token page is still logged out.

So i added a new for me browser, comodo dragon, and I can use my tokens.
Next I will try to see if there is a browser setting in ALL my other browsers that somehow got changed or if there is a firewall setting wrong somewhere. But for now I can use the tokens. Perhaps something in that new browser will eventually change and stop it working at some point.

So if you can't use your tokens, try a new browser. Perhaps one you have already but never use, Or add a new one. All of the ones I mention above are good browsers (except the 2 from Microsoft LOL).
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Link to post - Posted January 24th at 8:34 PM
Last Edited January 24th at 8:34 PM
Matthew Kliparchuk
Works fine for me auto logins for me tho no log out button.
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Link to post - Posted January 24th at 9:12 PM
yes. the issue is complicated. lots of people have an issue. lots do not. lots had been able to use them before but at some point no longer able...
this is one way that returned the ability to me and ideas as to the cause so perhaps the Devs can make the issues never happen to anyone ever again.
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Link to post - Posted February 7th at 11:19 AM
Susan Calvin
using firefox did not help
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Link to post - Posted February 7th at 1:37 PM
only thought, was firefox a new browser for you, i.e. did you just load it? or has it been on your computer a while? i think perhaps some global browser setting might have migrated to all already loaded browsers, but installing a new one, for me at least, brought back djarts functionality.
my post above lists many nice, free, secure, and in many cases small memory footprint browsers. and there are others too. try one or more till it work for you. if it does that is. and you can uninstall all those that do not.
p.s. after i did a login using comodo deragon and got back the login button and able to actually log in. the tokens work again in my chrome browser. at least for now till they do not again if they someday will randomly stop working again.
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