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DisEnchant All Button? yeah i want one!

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Link to post - Posted January 13th at 11:58 PM
Last Edited January 13th at 11:59 PM
i dont know about you all but i could really use a "Disenchant All Gear to Level 1" button. Reduce all Gear to lvl 1, not actually D/E it so it goes to purple.

it would be handy to drop all gear to lvl 1 making it alot quicker to ramp up storm rider lvl 12+... (its not hard to get 1e7% or 1e8%dps which is a nice boost for idols in even Free Play, when you get ~500k-1mil'dps/use). though it takes a while to get the 500k/1mil materials redistributed. plus after weekly challenges there are times im hunting/searching for a piece of gear that didnt get reduced after the challenge was completed... just a mass D/E Button to reduce all lgnds to lvl1 .. yep lotta words for a simple concept i know.

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Link to post - Posted January 15th at 7:10 PM
Seconded. While I've never had the issue of not disenchanting a crusader after a challenge because I'm orderly enough to...well, not miss any, it definitely is pointlessly time-consuming to disenchant EVERY gearpiece individually before every challenge. If challenges weren't a thing, I'd be fine leaving the disenchanting at one-at-a-time, but challenges make it necessary to entirely redistribute materials, which takes a while, and it's every week. Re-leveling gear is perfectly fine. Time-consuming, but an understandable and unavoidable part of the system. Mass-disenchanting, though? It adds nothing and takes nothing from the gameplay itself other than speeding up a needlessly-time-consuming task.
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