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Lacking Legendary Liquidation

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Link to post - Posted January 10th at 2:30 PM
I've recently gotten to a point where I cannot make anymore legendary items. I have legendary gear on every crusader in the game, barring Wrena and Bruno since they are the newest crusaders. I've kept up with the average of 3 legendaries per week since the mechanic started, so I'm sure there are many others out there that have either hit the same wall that I have, or are close to doing so. The issue being that now legendary catalysts mean little-to-nothing. I have over 100, but considering how long it tends to take to get epic gear on new crusaders, I'll almost never need to own more than, like, 15, generously, at any given time. I *literally* cannot use them fast enough. Even when using 6 catalysts a week, I still tended to roughly idle around 110. Now that I have nothing to spend them on, that number will just keep increasing. With almost nothing to spend them on, I and others will end up with this massive stock of a material we have literally no use for in such enormous quantities. So I have two suggestions...

-Create a system for turning spare catalysts into common materials. 1 catalyst would be 2000-3000 commons. Roughly the cost of a level 5 piece, which is fairly average. This also gives people who have caught up on legendary crafting another source of farming materials. Currently, the upper reasonable limit on average legendary levels is about 8 or 9 since the prices re-double every level, but there's no way to truly speed up material farming. Level 9 legendaries across the board is where most players will likely come to a halt on legendary leveling. Turning catalyst missions and catalyst drops from jeweled chests into stacks of 2000 common materials would be nice as a reward for players who have ostensibly "completed" the legendary mechanic. What better way to reward a master crafter than giving them a way to craft even more, more easily?

-Make a shop where catalysts are currency. I don't like this idea nearly as much, but just throwing ideas out there to find at least some way to put catalysts to use.

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Link to post - Posted January 10th at 4:07 PM
not Raymond
really, over 360 legendaries? there are over 120 crusaders.
great job i guess. i am at about 200 legendaries total

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Link to post - Posted January 10th at 7:26 PM
Animenut Yup, 369 legendaries. The only ones I don't have are Wrena's robe and amulet, Aegis's eye (have the epic, waiting until Tuesday to upgrade it) and any of Bruno's gear. I've been making 3 legendaries a week, at 6 catalysts a week, every week since the mechanic was introduced.

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Link to post - Posted January 10th at 9:44 PM
Same boat. Missing only Wrena's amulet and whatever the gear for Bruno will be - and have 115 catalysts (not to mention a couple free craft tokens and potentially another hundred or so catalysts in my small cache of Jeweled chests).

+1 on being able to convert them (and free tokens?) into significant amounts of common materials.
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