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I wonder if we can get Nate Dragon to enact jokes?
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Andre Diaz
Andre Diaz: Two ants are running as fast as they can along the top of a cereal box. They reach the end and the one in front slows to a walk. The second ant runs into him.
Andre Diaz: "Why were we running he asks?"
Andre Diaz: "Can't you read? It says tear along dotted line."
Nate Dragon: "OOH!! Tearable terrible ants! Let's make some!! With fire!!!"
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Andre Diaz
Perhaps as part of revolving daily quests.
Nate Dragon's impractical (but (sometimes) mostly harmless) grammatically incorrect really long jokes with predictable results (sometimes).

Or Nate Dragon's Excessive Enthusiastic Alliteration and Ersatz Literary Enigmas
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Andre Diaz
Nate Dragon Teaches Typing!
Nate: Today we're going to play a game that teaches us to code by playing a car racing game!
Nate: We'll start by shredding JSON with the Barracuda email filter and work our way up from there!
Nate: Go forth apprentice, and find me 20 unrelated code snippets. Minimum of 30 WPM!
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Andre Diaz
Lumberjack Camp
Nate: Good morning everyone! Welcome to Lumberjack Camp!
Here is your Bushwhackermaster 4000 Automatic Rainforest Defoliater! Now don't start anything!
Last night, I saw the Little Shop of Horrors! We can't let the plants win!
Fetch me 13 undiscovered flora specimens! I'll also need 30 gallons of gas in old environmentally unfriendly gas cans! We'll need 3 magnifying glasses to read the Bushwhackermaster manual before operation! I'll store them all hear in a pile in the sunshine!

End of quest
Nate: Remember we did this for the environment!
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Andre Diaz
Nate's Comedic Comic Cleanup
Nate:Yes and ... Today we're going to learn the basics of Improv!
Nate:I'm trying to figure out the difference between a mad scientist and an evil genius!
I figure it must be in the laugh! You can help! Have someone deliver 20 evil genius BWAHAHAS! Fetch me 20 mad scientist EHEEHEES while you're at it!

End of quest
Nate: So I did some reading while you were away. An evil genius plans stuff and gets others to do it for him. A mad scientist just does stuff cause it's cool. I really thought you and I could be a dynamic duo, but I'm just not up to all that work. Sorry man.
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Andre Diaz
Nate's Regicide Mania
Part One Mad for Power
Nate: I heard that Roman Emperors would let the people make fun of them once a year! They even promised to not kill anyone for having an opinion!
Nate: I want to do something like that for the Dev's so everyone knows how powerful, I mean, benevolent they are!
Nate: Loot 20 hats of power from Lesser Subjects!

Part Two A Series of Unrelated Events
Nate:See the hats give me enough programming power to be heard in the Forum! Now wait here while I submit my nonpolitical entry to this arena!
Nate:The Dev's have granted us explicit use of the almighty Banhammer! I mean, it was just laying there unattended!
Nate:While I was on the forum I found evidence that Emily Rose is recruiting possessed trolls! It was right there in a post by Silence Anonymous Dogooder!
Nate:My loyal subjects, we must do away with this menace! For the common good! Ban 10 trolls! 2 times each!

Part Three I mean Six Return of the Sanity
Nate: I've learned of an ancient being that will protect the forum by converting it from a political arena to a gladiatorial one! We must entrust the Banhammer to him! Unfortunately the post didn't specify which ancient being so we might have to try a few times!
Give the Banhammer to the Unprepossessing Galactic Senator
Give the Banhammer to the Crabby Fiddling Emperor
Give the Banhammer to an Ocher not Amber Agent of Change for Chaos
Give the Banhammer to a Insistent but Unconcerned Completely Random Member of the Citizens Patrol
Hurl the Banhammer to its final and original resting place encased in stone, waiting for the true king, deep within the nonexistent flame wars of the Forum, in the land of Bushwhackia where Nate Dragon speaks truth and lies

End of quest
Nate: No harm done!? Well that was disappointing. Maybe we should try again tomorrow?
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