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Favoritism isn't always bad

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Link to post - Posted December 24th at 4:54 PM
As the game continues to grow and expand, some features become less and less effective. Chests, for example. Event chests drop gear for ALL crusaders tied to that event. Before, when each event only had 2-4 crusaders tied to it, this meant that the chances of getting better gear were at least decent. However, as the game has grown and more crusaders add to the pool of each event's list, the likelihood of getting gear for new crusaders from event chests lessens. Chests can still drop gear for crusaders that already have full epic gear, meaning that a player could have 4 crusaders with all legendary gear and just want to gear that last, newest, 5th crusader and 25 chests later, that crusader MIGHT have one epic. This will only get worse and worse as the game grows. The recent change in how event free plays award jeweled chests helps to slightly lessen this effect, but it's a rather nasty ordeal when a player can spend months' worth of challenge tokens buying 20 event chests and only get materials out of all that expense.

Now, I do understand that buying tier-specific chests is a thing, and the game can't just make it EASY to gear crusaders or else there would be no incentive to buy chests. However, at a certain point, in-game currency earned through real-life effort (e.g. challenge tokens) should count for something. So my actual suggestions are at least one of the following...

-Add a secondary event chest option to the challenge shop. Whichever event chest the shop currently has, the other one is a tiered chest specifically for the latest tier of that event.

-Event chests already weight themselves toward filling empty gear slots, so just add a mechanic that weights AGAINST gear slots that already have epic-or-better gear.

-Add an option to the challenge shop that gives one of the current event crusaders a random epic they do not have. However, the cost is high, around 200 (since it ignores all recipes and greatly reduces chance), and is only available during an event. It does not auto-target the newest crusader, so the player would still benefit from tiered chests and event chests in general. This option would just be to get that last one, maybe two, epics that have eluded them for the entire event.

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Link to post - Posted December 24th at 5:08 PM
Get some tiered chests with tokens.

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Link to post - Posted December 24th at 7:12 PM
There are no tiered chests in the challenge shop, only all-tier chests. I have never once seen a tier-specific chest in the challenge shop.

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Link to post - Posted December 30th at 6:28 PM
Last Edited December 30th at 6:28 PM
As we approach the end of the event, here's an update. Wrena is the only crusader from this event that I do not have full epic-or-better gear on. She has one legendary and two rare. All of which came entirely from the tier-3 chests. 4 of which came from the event objectives, plus 16 more from buying one of the chest packages. 20 chests SPECIFICALLY meant to gear a SINGLE crusader only managed a single epic piece. After which I used approximately 800 challenge tokens to get 20 more all-tier event chests, plus the 6 I got from resetting in free plays. 800 challenge tokens and 26 event chests later, no new gear for ANY event crusader.

Summarized: I spent a modest amount of real money and roughly 6 weeks worth of challenge tokens to gear up a single crusader, and that crusader only got a single epic (and by extension, legendary), and arguably it's least useful epic.

I am not posting this update to complain about the lack of reply. The devs are on holiday break. That's fine. I don't expect a reply for at least a few more days. I'm only posting this to add content to my point about considering an updated gear-acquisition mechanic. This is a lot (relatively speaking) to spend on a single crusader to get what amounts to borderline-nothing.

P.S. Yes, I got the chests I paid for. Yes, I also got the idol buff that came with the purchase. So yes, I understand that I technically got what I paid for. I paid for a chance, not a guarantee. My point is that as the character roster grows, that aspect of chance becomes less and less favorable while remaining equally costly. The balance of risk and reward steadily shifts more and more in favor of risk, which shouldn't be the case.

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Link to post - Posted January 18th at 2:42 PM
Another update: Just bought 16 jeweled "The Queens Aren't Dead" chests in the hopes that maybe I would FINALLY get Wrena's epic amulet. After opening the chests, not only did I not get the amulet, I didn't get ANY new gear. I now have the golden epic rope, but that was GUARANTEED. The chests didn't even drop the epic robe, either. Soooo...

20 tier-4-specific event chests, plus 26 more all-tier event chests, plus 16 weekend-event chests. 62 chests that can drop Wrena gear and I got...1 epic. Out of 62 chests. This, is, not, o, kay.
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