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[Feeback] Minor issues that caught my attention

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Link to post - Posted December 11th at 2:50 PM
I have written a feedback thread over at the steam hub discussion. In hindsight, I think that it's not the right platform, so I will repeat my posting here:

Link to original discussion:

content of link above:

I understand these are minor details. I still think they are worth of attention before release. I will only describe them, as I see them, but not make any suggestions for changes.

Consistency / Ambiguity
Crusader abilities are sometimes called "Upgrades" (e.g. in the beginning tutorial) and sometimes "Abilities". A notable example is in the description of the "Golden Age" talent.

Crusader names are sometimes seperated by commata from their title and sometimes not (e.g. "Danni the Daring Damsel" but "Bubba, the Swimming Orc") If there is a pattern to this, it is not obvious to me. (English is not my first language though)

Abilities and activated ability icons have a shape that indicates what they do.
A diamond signify's this ability is only active, when the crusader is used in a formation. Also called "formation ability". It sometimes appears as a condition in campaigns, where X disables all formation abilities. The triangle is always "unlocks activated abilitiy" and the circle seems to be everything else.

Since we have a special (referenced) name for diamond shaped abilities, we should also have names for the other ones. I as the player would really like to know what the category for circle shaped abilities is.

First off: You are doing a great job in this regard overall. I have played tons of games and this is like the first time, where talents, abilities, skills, ... do EXACTLY what they describe and every change is updated immediately in the description. This information is also presented in an easy to read manner that does not distract from the overall experience. :top:

The community has had a sizable amount of discussions that can be summarized as "What's the difference between DPS and base DPS?"
Two problems as I see them:

1) The designation "base" is short, but not as intuitive, as one would think. My first idea about "base DPS" is, that's something that cannot change. And it doesn't in some way and then it does, if you look at it in a different way.

2) Most operations performed to compute global DPS, etc are of the form A* (1+B%)*...*(1+Z%), which is commutative, thus the difference (base DPS being something that is computed FIRST) does not matter.

I am only aware of one crusader where the difference between base DPS and DPS matters (RoboTurkey), because the computation loses commutativity. Likewise there would be a difference between base CLK and CLK (The Bush Whacker), if there were any effects that targeted base CLK.

Because it is not explained and because it comes up so rarely, the player has no easy way of understanding what the difference is. But since there are different names, there must be a difference, right? And so he starts to make up all kinds of (wrong) explanations and is disappointed, if the reality doesn't match his (wrong) expectations.
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