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Allow hub quests to be completed from any area, please
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Link to post - Posted December 3rd at 9:28 AM
Hi! New content is appearing regularly (yay!), and it's frustrating for a completionist like me to have to stick to a certain area to complete hub quests. It seems like those were kind of created to give players at the end of the current areas something to do while new content comes out, but for those of us behind the those frontline players, it just keeps holding us back to have to stay in an area where all the story quests are done to finish the hub stuff. :)
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Link to post - Posted December 3rd at 10:09 AM
not Raymond
the one cure for that is to 'not be a completionist'. reach the flux and at that point you can spend as much time as necessary on any hub
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Link to post - Posted December 3rd at 12:44 PM
I've been working on that heavily for the past few months, but every time I make a chunk of progress more content comes out (which is not a bad thing!) and I'm set back again (which is frustrating).
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