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event items and placement on the gold course
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Link to post - Posted December 2nd at 11:10 AM
James Reffler
I have made most of the holes on my golf course themed after the events and there are two items that currently can't be placed there- the bush from the Patriot event and the new turkey statue from the Thanksgiving event. Could you please update them so I can add them to the golf course like all the other event items of that kind (bushes and statues). Thanks
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Link to post - Posted December 2nd at 1:04 PM
Russel Denton
James, some items from the shop and such cannot be placed on the golf course, hopefully in due time this will change ok matey
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Link to post - Posted December 11th at 4:23 PM
Greg Lloyd
Gold!!! Please add gold - I want to build a million dollar hole/course!
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