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TaskMaster Placement and Area Scrolling Improvements

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Link to post - Posted December 1st at 2:06 AM
It would very helpful to have a hotkey/shortcut for Familiar placement i.e. Hold K down while clicking to place Taskmaster (this concept is already implemented in their other game Idle Champions where they improved familiar usage).

I also have another request that i made a few months ago.. for improved area scrolling i.e. Holding down SHIFT and clicking the Area selection Arrow on the MINIMAP would cause it to scroll maybe 50 or 100 areas instead of just 5 at a time. Now w/ crusaders like Wolf/Rex/DrEvil and a few others that take a while to RAMP UP before ideal conditions are ready to start progressing forward.

Erika said it would be a nice improvement, so im just trying to get this IDEA of Quicker MiniMap scrolling to gain a lil more.. notoriety if you will. n'Hopefully get it placed on the list of future mods.

-i so hate clicking the lil back arrow 10 to 20 times get far enuff back so that dr. evil can spread his plague and the royal pup can chew on some mobs to get that dps back up to snuff after changing over from speed team to Dps Team.

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Link to post - Posted December 1st at 1:24 PM
In the meantime, you can just mouseover the map screen and scroll up on the mouse wheel to rapidly move backward. Each "click" of the wheel is 5 areas. I can scroll back or forward hundreds of areas in like 2 seconds.
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