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Gratuity level up and XP turned into gold for accomplished missions
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Link to post - Posted October 31st at 10:08 AM
Cheers everyone. I know Gratuity level is a relatively new thing in Bush Whacker 2.
But with it established does it make sense to still have mission with xp gained turned into gold? like Horse tamming, Pets fully grown or hatched, Event and area missions, etc.
Maybe Devs don't want to facilitate Max level Whackers too much, but for me at least the xp would be more useful than the gold, that keeps accumulating faster than I can spend it on the trinckets(bunch of them I don't have the gems to buy yet xD), even without any gold increase trincket equiped
I am at max level but still in treacherous Ascent, don't know if the gold later is more useful than now...
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Link to post - Posted October 31st at 10:18 AM
not Raymond
in the flux store, called the super expensive store, there are items to nuy that cost 5M, 10M and even 20M gold. and a few other things that cost 30 diamonds, many thing in total costing on the order of 150 diamonds total. but gold is important too.
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Link to post - Posted October 31st at 11:29 AM
Hmm so than it makes sense to start getting gold isntead of the xp for those who already got to Flux I suppose.
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