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Link to post - Posted October 26th at 4:59 PM
They are a new feature i know.. but they are most noted in IdolChampions.. and on that game.. when you drop one on a Character.. they lvl them up quickly and there are far fewer lvls to level up. im sorry but at 1 level per second at a max of 10,000+ lvls.. thats just not feasible and its made even worse by the fact that, even though i can still click and lvl up my crusaders after completion of current area quest- my poor lil taskmasters Fail to realize this and so they stop lvling up.. so about 60% of the time which seems to deal w/ between area transitions they just sit there keeping the crusader company. I timed it and in a 13 second start of one area to another total time ~13seconds. and i only got 5 levels.

5 levels every 13 seconds, need a total of say 8k levels (first 2.5k+ are done via clicking for set up) (thats 8k/5 x 13) / 60 = x Minutes ~5hrs and 45min to lvl up enuff to reach max area. thats just not cricket man.

WOW sorry for the wall o text.. in short.. PLEASE MAKE TASK MASTERS worth their cost and have them lvl even after completion of area quest. PLEASE.. else its back to macros and ahk scripts :(

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Link to post - Posted October 26th at 5:33 PM
not Raymond
once you get to non sprint area, one level per second is quite a-ok. they designed this specifically, i think, so that people still have to pay at least a little attention to the game. no fun to totally make game play itself. just my opinion here.

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Link to post - Posted November 8th at 3:41 PM
depends on your speed/gf but for the most part its been lacking for me. after completion of sprint. from areas 1500-1700 my task master was behind over 100 levels.. infact when i pressed the CTRL button to see amount of purchasable levels.. its was capp'd at the 100. I hate having to slow down my team just so the taskmasters can do their job. if they continued to purchase levels even after completion of quest it would easily solve this and make them worth the price otherwise i could just as easily go back to an auto-clicker or a script. Though i prefer to use a TM so i can run it in the back ground.
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