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New Crusader: Alchemist

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Link to post - Posted October 9th at 8:31 PM
Motivation: Currently any gold bonus becomes pretty much useless once you manage to hit the level cap. A crusader that transforms gold bonus to DPS bonus could change that.

Core ability: Transmute gold to steel.
Effect: Transforms percentage of gold bonus to DPS bonus. 10-25% base, increased by Gear (cursed philosopher stone), for a maximum of 40-100% with golden legendary.
E.g. with 20% transform and 1e12% gold find bonus (factor of 1e10), gold find would decrease by factor 1e2 (1e10^0.2) while DPS would increase by the same factor.

Other abilities:
* Alchemy timed ability (shares slot with Merci)
* Alchemist fire: Throw fire bomb every x seconds, dealing percentage of DPS to all enemies on screen.
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