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Master Fish Bait
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Link to post - Posted October 1st at 5:58 PM
Is it just me or is everyone else getting approx. 70% junk, 20% fish and 10% gold items using what is supposed to be the top fishing bait available? The one that says using it you will "fish tons more good energy items"?
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Link to post - Posted October 2nd at 9:12 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
The quality of the bait improves the fish you fish up, so instead of a 1 energy fish, you're getting a fish that gives you more energy.
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Link to post - Posted October 2nd at 9:12 AM

I counted and out of 20 I got 2 junk, 3 energy fish and 15 quest items (stingrays). I was on AI so the odds to double wins did have an impact on the number of stingrays, I did the extra fishing to have 20 total attempts.

I usually use the plain bait, only recently have I started using this more expensive bait. I have not noticed a difference in the number of non-junk items. I don't know how much trinkets/runes have to do with success rates when fishing. I changed to the more expensive bait to get more valuable items, not raise the % of getting them.

Unless I'm doing the Michin fishing quest I don't usually do more than 20 casts at a time. I might do a test in the fishing hole in the commons and see what my percents are fishing when I don't have a quest item.

I don't think my percents are in the range of 70% junk that you have experienced. I am curious enough to test it. How many casts did you track for the amounts you noted?
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Link to post - Posted October 2nd at 9:14 AM
Oh..Erika was replying as I was writing my novel. She does say what I have found to be true. I am still curious about the % of junk.
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Link to post - Posted October 2nd at 11:53 AM
not Raymond
to make a good measure of the randomness of junk will take more then 20 casts of various bait. and one also have to make not of their overall odds for some things that have some impact on fishing things
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Link to post - Posted October 2nd at 1:42 PM
I agree not Raymond.

I was thinking of doing a larger amount, just out of curiosity. Yes, as I mentioned there are other variables that will make a difference between results for players.

I like fishing, feel I get a pretty good % of good items. Yes, feelings are not scientifically or mathematically based ;) so my satisfaction comes in part from liking the activity.
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