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Mission ready to complete notice

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Link to post - Posted August 22nd at 3:33 AM
I generally use the mission speed buffs when I am starting a new run, so I time doing the mission to end when my current run is nearly complete. Sometimes I don't time it right (especially with the more powerful longer lasting buffs), and have to skip completion until I'm ready for it.

Every time a new mission is available, instead of the popup saying new mission, it tells me I have a completed mission. Every time I open the mission tab, the completed speed buff mission has to be skipped again.

Once a mission is skipped, could you please a) make the popup accurate - either I've completed a different mission or I have a new mission available. And b) not have that mission in the list again to complete. Ideally I would have to click on that mission to complete it, instead of it always annoyingly popping up when I open the missions interface.

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